Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thrifting Trip With Jen

Jen and I decided on an earlyish morning trip to the antique market!
What fun!

LOVE Jen's new glasses!

We found this amazing scarf that has different emotions in each corner - Jen decided that if
the top left corner is left in the prime viewing position during draping, it means the wearer is feeling temperamental, jealous, and superficial.  Whereas, if the lower right corner is displayed, the wearer feels generous, extravagant, emotional, and humble.  Clever!

My favorite discovery was this adorable little desk.
I didn't buy it, but I admired it!

$100 - not bad!

They had a special section for "mantiques"

Where you could get "hammered"!

There was a pedal organ for sale.

And an *interesting* salt and pepper shaker set . . . 

I also liked this wardrobe - but it was HUGE!
my blouse: GAP
my skirt: Target
my shoes: Target

I've been trying to eat more PROTEIN because I have been feeling hungry a lot.
Mmmm!  Cottage cheese!

Anyone have any other good non-meat ideas for protein?

I say "non-meat" even though I eat meat sometimes because meat doesn't usually sit as well with me as do other forms of protein like eggs and plant-sources.

Allistiar has been silly lately (that's nothing new!)

Nice belly!!!

He LOVES yoga time!

I have to give up the end of my mat to him.

You can see how ratty the mat is and why it's on my Target list . . . 
the kittens decided that they needed to use it as a scratching pad
Perhaps I'll give them this one when I get a new one!

Look at Juvy's cute little fangs!  She makes my heart melt!

And so does Stephen, when he oozes over the edge of things!
They're just silly-willies.

And the "kittens" are looooong - Allistair takes up half the couch!

Greg's Mom stayed with us on Sunday night, and it had been a while (um, years!) since I felt well enough to really tidy up my office/guest room and recreate a system for keeping paperwork organized.

It's difficult for me to organize paperwork because, like many people, I have many different responsibilities: work (Chirp), church (1:1 Team), home, research, etc.
Jen said she'd read that having a file for each subject is a good idea (which I have done in the past), and then having an "active" file with the most important things in there that gets dealt with every day.  When the active file gets empty, the next things are put into it from the files from each subject.
I think that sounds brilliant!  And easy.

So I put my main files (that used to be in piles all over my desk) into this standing file:

My desk hasn't been so clean for a loooong time!

And this is my "active" file - 
I called it "stuff to do".

I also organized some toiletries, just in case.  And some water and some candy!

 On Monday, we had a slow morning. 

Then we took Greg's Mom to In-N-Out for the first time!
Greg behind an Ocotillo

Eating at In-N-Out, shopping at Target, & visiting Sprout's with Greg's Mom on Monday, I wore this:
blouse: Target
Skirt: Target
shoes - God-given!

 It's not always dry here in the desert!
On Saturday, it was 74 degress with 78% humidity - kinda sticky! 

And Sunday we got a little sprinkle of rain!

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