Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Shopping

Did you know that shops get a significant uptick in business during the summer in the Arizona desert because people want to use the stores' air conditioning rather than their own?  Smart!

And the clouds are beginning to roll in each afternoon . . . we are expecting thunderstorms (MONSOON!!!) tomorrow and every other day the rest of the week!  I love this time of year!

This time of year, the sky is not the brilliant clear blue that it is in the winter.
It's a bit murkier.  It's still a pretty color, it's just not as clear. 

The mountains are hazy.

The less awesome part of this time of year is that yesterday it got to almost 108, 
and today it's forecast to be 113 - eek (it's only hit 108 so far . . . ).
Let's move on from the temperature topic; I don't want to think too much about it!

Cindy and I went shopping yesterday and it was deelightful!

I love everything I bought (shopping rule #1: if you don't LOVE it, don't buy it!)
. . . but let's talk about these BICYCLE JEANS first!

I don't think I could love this print any more than I do!

First I paired it with black & white stripes

Which I liked quite a bit 
(I am looking for a black & white striped top that's about 2" longer, 
which would look even better).  

And my butt looks good - very important!

Then I paired the jeans with a navy elbow-length boat neck tee to see what other options I have.
I can think of some other looks, too, so we'll see what I come up with!

AND . . . they were about $17 WITH TAX at Ross - the only pair I found and I haven't seen them at any other locations (but if I find more, I'm buying them and selling them on eBay for a profit!)
They are a "premium denim" brand (Paige Denim) and on the website they are selling for $189!!!
 I feel like a very successful pirate treasure hunter!  Arrrrrr (picture me with an eye patch)!

And then there's this dress, which is wonderful!
dress: Charter Club from Macy's - similar
off the sale rack with an additional 40% off

I love the pattern and the way that the pattern comes together on the side of the 
button placket and looks like a ruffle! 
love the buttons!

This chambray floral top is adorable (and it was less than $10 on super clearance at GAP!)  

In this photo, I put it with an Ann Taylor stretch twill skirt ($25 on super sale!)
 . . . please excuse the wrinkles - it was in the bag in the Cube (my vehicle) for a while and it's very hot outside, so wrinkles got steamed in!
shirt: GAP
skirt: Ann Taylor

I also found this chambray shirt on the clearance rack for around $7 (thanks again, GAP!)
same Ann Taylor skirt

This one has a palm print pattern - very desert-appropriate!
And the fabric is lovely and soft and cool.

Here's a dress I bought last month but didn't post yet - cute cute and comfy.
You might not be able to see it, but the front closure is a loooong zipper - ooo, fancy!

And here's something that's definitely going on my "to buy someday" list!

from the movie, "Marry Me" with Lucy Liu

I also love her hair - when it's time for me to trim off a few inches, I'll take in this photo!

The glasses are adorable and are my favorite color and match my business logo (!) 
AND would go with most of my clothes.  Can't wait to find some!


They are funny in the heat - they sprawl and drape themselves over stuff (especially Stephen!)

The Trifecta (clockwise from bottom: Juvy, Stephen, Allistair): 

Allistair loves to sleep on the coffee table.  We don't really love it because he likes to stretch out and
he often pushes things off . . . but he's very persistent!

And then he flips upside down and looks even cuter.


Claude loves it when everyone else is sleeping out in the great room - because
she has the whole master bedroom to herself!

Look at that little fluffy face!

Juvy decided to sleep on the chair with her favorite toy: Gigantica the mousie.

Here are some more cute Juvy photos . . . she's very photogenic in the right light!
Look at her little fangs - I love them!

Sleeping with Olliver, the owl pillow, a lovely gift from my parents (he makes me happy!):

Shaped like a squiggle - love the fuzzy little belly.

When she's really relaxed, her tongue comes out - awwww!

Tongue AND fangs!

Danglin' off the back of the couch

I made some banana "ice cream" - I froze bananas (very ripe), then let them thaw and mashed them up.  
Obviously, I added chocolate chips afterwards!

I don't think I'll make it again - it was just too banana-y for me (maybe due to my digestive issues) and I felt sort of heavy and queasy in the stomach after I had some.  My Dad wants to give it a try, so I have it frozen and stored in the freezer for when he and my Mom arrive in January!

I don't see how I could be any more pleased with Target lately.  They are really working hard to get more organic products - even meats!  Last month all-organic, all-GMO-free stuff was extravagantly expensive (for only two of us!), so this month I'm adjusting things a little.  I will stick with non-GMO thing.  I will be buying organic dairy and meats.  However, I will be buying conventional fruits and vegetables (but washing them, of course).  Not that pesticides are GOOD for us, but they don't have the DNA-altering effects that gentically modified ingredients seem to have.

And look!  WONDERFUL organic, gluten-free cheese pufffffs!  I dig these things and have been seeking a snacky type salty something to add to our pantry, and I'm thrilled to find these.
I had some for lunch and they're delicious.

I also got some organic, gluten-free tortilla chips - yum!

Gluten free cookies!
(I didn't buy these because I can bake better ones, but GF cookies at our 
local health-food stores cost more like $5 - way to go, Target!)

After that discussion of food, you probably need a snack now.  
Enjoy and have a fabulous day!

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