Thursday, July 17, 2014

Experiment: Styling a Black & White Striped Zipper Dress

dress: Just Taylor

You have seen this dress before.

But after a day where I worked very hard on my secret project (not secret for much longer!),
I felt like playing around with clothes a bit, so I decided to invent a few outfits using what I was wearing today as a base.

 1.  Summery Greens:

new (to me) apple green corduroy jacket and emerald green bag

bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

2.  A Little Animal Print:
Fossil bag, Aerosole shoes throughout


3.  White Denim & Springy Pinks:
shoes by Target

bag by Tiganello

 4.  More Animal Print:
sweater: by design
bag by Betsey Johnson

Close-Up of sweater

5.  Casual Hoodie & More Stripes:
hoodie: Target
striped bag: like dreams

6.  Pattern Mixing!
blouse: Dalia Collection

Teensy little daisies!

7.  Pattern Mixing with COLOR!
turquoise polka-dot shirt: Target

8.  Fancy-pants (without the pants!):

faux-fur: Dolce Vita

shoes: Born Crown

9.  Fisherman Sweater

sweater: Old Navy

Not bad for just grabbing the camera and pulling things out of the closet!

Which one do you like best?  Would you dare to pattern-mix as photographed above?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the black and white stripes. The dress fits you really well. My favorite is the white denim jacket and the pink purse and shoes. You are much more comfortable with the mix and match. I love what you did and it looks good on you but not me. I am still too much matchy, matchy and I don't know if that will change...hard to teach an old dog new tricks...