Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RAIN!!! and more

Yay!  We finally got some REAL RAIN!  By "real," I mean more than a sprinkle. 
Many times during the monsoon season, we get a little bit of rain that only serves to put mud spots on our vehicles.  The rain we had on Monday night was enough to serve as a wash for our vehicles!  
(Though it didn't get all the bird poo off.)

Before the storm, it was 110+.

During and immediately after the storm, the temperature decreased by more than 20 degrees.


More rain - and HAIL!

LOTS of rain!

Our electricity went off for a half an hour or an hour while it was still light outside, but things in the fridge were slightly affected.  My M&Ms suffered a bit.

And there were signs of wind damage all over this morning.

Tree roots grow wide and shallow in the desert so they capture more precious water when it rains, but they are often completely toppled when big winds come along.  They just tip over and the root ball is sticking up into the air.

These are just branches that were broken off trees in the park. 
They're piled up so the landscapers can come along with their chippers and grind them up.

Don't worry, Juvy was safe inside during the ruckus.

And so was Allistair!

In fact, it was challenging to do yoga because he tried to sleep on my feet!

Here's my outfit for today - it was humid, so I wore lots of cotton.
I love this new Ann Taylor skirt - I have enjoyed trying different tops with it.
shirt: Quicksilver Denim
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Target

Here's what was rolling in as I was coming home from Target today . . . 

But this time the storm seems to have passed us by!

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