Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cat Oppression

Two kittens (look inside the bookcase for kitten #2 - he's hiding in the shadows!)

The other night, Allistair decided to hop on Greg's shoulder to get closer to the
chicken . . . 

and then he realized he was high up, and he could see lots of fun things!

I had to rescue Greg from the kitten oppression.

He doesn't look so oppressive when he's sleeping.

And Juvy doesn't look oppressive when her tongue is poking out!

The sky has been beautiful azure blue and the hot air balloons are out regularly.

And my parents made it to Arizona a couple of weeks ago . . . 
it's been a busy couple of weeks for all of us!
Mom, Greg, me, Dad

We walked to Sprout's the other day and this egg was lying next to the little lake!

It's lovely here this time of year!

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