Thursday, September 29, 2016

Zurich To Phoenix

We woke up to e-mails and texts that our assigned flights home had been cancelled,
and that we'd been assigned alternate flights at a slightly later time.
I logged on and chose seats . . . and I was able to choose upgraded seats for no additional cost!
Those seats make a huge difference on long-haul flights.

Here's the food I packed for our trip home . . . 

And here's what I wore!

blouse & pants: from Macy's
sweater, shoes, socks: Target
raincoat (in top photo): DKNY from TurnStyle Consignment store

On our long walk to the train station (it's always a longer walk with luggage!),
we saw this bicycle, locked to the OUTSIDE of a bridge!

I guess it won't get in the way of traffic there!

We took a long time trying to find the cheapest one-way, two-hour ticket to get us to the airport.
Our travel passes expired at midnight that morning.

Flughafen = airport (literally "flight haven/harbor")
We're heading the right way!

We arrived at a different terminal than we wanted, so we needed to take the tram - hooray!
We LOVE the tram because . . . it has Swiss sound effects!

Security was EXTREMELY easy and quick.

Goodbye for now, Zurich!

This day was the day the Gotthard tunnel opened!

As the flight crew got everything settled and the doors closed, NO ONE had some to fill in the seats next to us!!!  

Greg stretched out . . . 

I was pretty happy, too.

Let me tell you, that eight hour flight definitely did NOT seem like eight hours!

I had some sparkling mineral water and some German-language magazines to keep me busy.

Next time we're in Switzerland, we'll keep shopping at Coop because they have a large vegan section that's going to be coming in partnership with the German firm Veganz.  Woo-hoo!  It'll be even easier to eat well!

The flight into Philadelphia was pretty along the coast.

There's a blurry ship!

It was bumpy and I got pretty queasy.

Look!  A less blurry ship!

Yay!  We made it over the big blue ocean to Philadelphia!

It looked as if we could expect some nasty weather now that we were home . . . 
we got that nasty weather, too.

There you have it, our trip to Switzerland!
What wonderful fantastic beautiful memories we have.
We're already excited to plan another trip there!

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