Friday, January 27, 2017

CHILLY Mornings, Bright Sunshiny Days

In spite of the CHILLY mornings,
we are having some lovely gorgeous bright sunny days.
our backyard

Yesterday I had the blessing of a shopping afternoon with my Mom.
We came across this beautiful palm tree (with the fantastic blue sky behind it!)
in the Target parking lot and noticed sparrows eating the dates.
It made me happy!

The other day, I saw a (female) Gila Woodpecker at our feeder!

Isn't she beautiful?

There she goes! 

I am slowly feeling a bit better.
I had to decrease my dose of iodine AGAIN because I was queasy and achy and had a horrible throbbing headache even on the half dose the doctor recommended.  I took myself down to the lowest possible dose and have been using that for two days (after a week-long break from iodine altogether) and I am not noticing side-effects at this low dose.  Eventually I'll get my levels back up where they need to be; I guess it will just be slower with this lower dose.

My mood has stabilized quite a bit already with the addition of T3.
It's hard not to overexert myself when I feel even the teeniest bit less fatigued because I'm TIRED of not being able to do what I want to do, but I'm working hard to do SOME, but not too much.
The balance is tricky!

Stephen wanted to say "Hi" today.  Look at that sweet snuggle face!!!

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