Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lots Of Water Fun

What a beautiful day!

Mark and my Dad spent a bunch of time trying to get the pontoon launch solid so the boat would be more even when it was sitting there.  Greg was nearby, helping out and offering thoughts as they popped up.

There was a lot of lake muck and sweat that got deposited on them!

I went out kayaking earlier in the day.
I paddled my little personal water conveyance around the islet.
It's not too far, but it's far enough to be a good workout.

The dragonflies are beautiful.

Jillian, Cora, and Mark drove out on the JetSkis to see me and mention that it was probably time for lunch.  I agreed!

After lunch, Cora & Esme NEEDED to put lots of bandages on their baby

and their rabbit.

They are truly genetically related to me - I also love tape!
Probably because my Dad was the adhesives guy at 3M for many years during my chilhood
and we got to use tape as a toy.

We also went out to a deeper part of the lake on the pontoon 
to play on the Rubber Dockie.

It works like this!

It's extra cool and amazing.  It really works like that, even for grown-ups!

I love this little face in those cute pink sunglasses!

After we had completely exhausted ourselves, we went
back to the house to get dinner ready.
It was pasta night!

I made a big salad . . . 

and some gluten-free brown-rice rotini with spinach and tomato sauce.

I also had a gluten-free roll (dipped in the sauce - yum-yum!)

Then while the girlies were getting ready for bed, Greg and I went out for more kayaking.

A family of ospreys live in the tower: 

Good night, pelicans!

Greg got sunburned from standing in the sun helping with the dock,
but he recovered pretty quickly.

Look at that super handsome man!

After all that excitement, we lazed around in the evening and chatted.
This is one of my favorite times of the day at the cabin!

It's usually time for a snack, too!
(I'm eating crackers with hummus and grapes - mmmm!)

Everyone was tired, but we enjoyed each other's company greatly.

And then TO SLEEP!!!

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