Tuesday, July 10, 2012


GREAT NEWS!  Our neighbor, Chris, has a relationship with Friends For Life, the no-kill shelter in Gilbert that I mentioned previously, and they are able to take in two spayed/neutered kittens TOMORROW!  Since Orca and Otter have finished their surgeries and are all recovered, they're ready, and Chris is going to pick them up and take them to the foster home tomorrow afternoon!  This shelter is amazing because they don't euthanize any animals, and also the foster families agree to keep the kittens until they find their forever homes.   So we have confidence that Otter and Orca will find wonderful homes with people who love them to pieces, as we all do.  Thanks, Chris & Tia, for your hard work and sacrifice to make the lives of us animals so much better!

We are all inside again . . . it was just too hot for us outside.  Christie & Greg decided that we would just live inside until the weather cools off a bit.  But then we got the good news about the foster home available for Orca and Otter, so Christie & Greg won't be over-run with cats for very long.

Kali (used to be Ermine) before she went to her new home:

Kali's new family is LOVING her!  Two out of three of the kids in that family approached Christie purposefully on Sunday to tell her how much they love their cat.  I am proud of my baby girl for making a family that happy.  Everyone should have cats - we're great!

Otter relaxing: 

 Orca looking sleeeeeeeepy . . . 

Now that the kittens have found safe happy homes, Christie & Greg and Chris & Tia are working on finding homes for Madge's kittens.  Allistair (white and feisty) will probably be living here with Christie & Greg, and I'm hoping that I can restrain myself from attacking their other cats (I don't mind Allistair) so I can live inside, too.  I really like Christie & Greg a lot.  I like to leap up onto the couch right before they sit down so they almost sit on me.  I also like to throw my favorite fuzzy blue mousie far up into the air and chirp and gurgle, then bat it far away so I have to go chase it.  Greg says I sound like a duck.

I hope you all are enjoying this new week and that you are not living in a place as hot as it is here in Arizona.  Hopefully tonight and tomorrow we will get some storms to cool things off and ease the load of the HEAT a little.

Here are a couple of pictures of Stephen and Allistair.  It's really tough to get good clear pictures of Stephen because he is almost always in motion, but also because he is such a dark color.  All his features blend together in the pictures . . . Christie keeps trying, though.  But don't think that lack of photos of him mean that we love him any less!

Sleepy eyes:

Gnawing on the toy basket:

Standing up tall!

Stephen playing under the table/bed - and he somehow has something on his face . . . Silly little guy!

Happy Tuesday!


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