Thursday, July 12, 2012

Orca & Otter - Foster Home!

Well, we handed off my last two unadopted babies yesterday afternoon to Friends For Life.  They said the kittens were adorable (of course!) and that they were going to a foster home that very night, so they didn't even have to stay in the facility overnight.  They believe they might even have a forever home for them by the weekend!  Thank you, God, for providing for the babies!

Christie snuggled them a LOT yesterday and took lots of pictures.

Greg is Orca's favorite person - every time Greg comes near, Orca stands up and runs over and starts to purr as loudly as he can!

And Otter had a lovely afternoon sitting on a cushion next to the window!  She had to endure kisses on her sweet nose from time to time, but she was brave.

We are proud of the kittens for going forth into the world and making it a happier and fuzzier place, and we want to say THANK YOU to their new foster family and their forever families for taking these sweet loving furballs into your hears and your homes.  

Thanks to Chris & Tia, too, for helping Christie & Greg try to manage the population of homeless cats in the neighborhood.  If everyone just did a little bit, we wouldn't have a problem anymore.


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment Christie!

    Just reading your bio on the right has put me to shame, you do so many good works and now this too. How wonderful that the kittens are off to a new adventure.

  2. Tabitha - most people just call us CRAZY!!! :)