Friday, November 30, 2012

Juvy update

Juvy is making me happy.  She lives in the backyard because she is aggressive towards our older cats (she loves the kittens, though!), but she doesn't mind so much!  She LOVES rolling around in the leaves and getting all messy, but she certainly has very soft and smooth and silky fur!

Her little nose tip goes up at the end - like a little hook.  She's a hook-nosed cat!  Adorable.  

Look at the sweet little happy comfy face in the leaves!

Here are our elm trees from where I was lying in the leaves with Juvy.  Arizona has the most beautiful bright blue sky in the winter.  I love looking at it!

Sometimes we carry Allistair around with us just like a human baby because he needs love and snuggles.  Other times when he needs love and snuggles, we drape him over our shoulders so we still have two hands to work with!

Hope you are planning a wonderful weekend!

I am hiking with Cindy tomorrow morning, and then Greg will be working on his secret project . . . more pictures will come soon!


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