Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kitten in the Dryer!

This video of Allistair in the dryer is too cute not to post!  I don't know what he's doing in there, but he certainly was having a grand time!

And Greg and I went for a hike on my birthday (in October).  He took the morning off and everything.  We went to the San Tan Mountains Regional Park and explored a bit.  I am dreaming about living with property that backs up to this park.  It's not too far from civilization, and it's beautiful and won't be used for anything but this park.  

Some cholla (pronounced "CHOY-uh"), also known as jumping cactus (this one is dead, but I like how we can see the internal coral-like structure).  If you kick a piece of cholla while you're walking, the long spikes catch your foot and boing up onto your pants (or leg!) as if the piece of cactus is jumping on you.  It's one of the ways they reproduce far and wide!

Close up of the internal structure

Greg & me, being cute in the desert

Also, here's a HINT about something FUN that's happening in our household . . . (pay attention to what Greg is doing while Allistair is attacking him and biting his shirt . . . )

More photos soon!

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