Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Praying Mantis, Aligners, Parsley

I will tell you about these things in the order I listed them in the title of the post - because I'm kind and I don't want your brains to explode.

Video of the Praying Mantis

Here is a cute little baby Praying Mantis (see? his little hands are folded in "prayer"!)
I KNOW they are predatory (thanks for eating our bugs, Mr. Mantis!)
and I KNOW that the females often eat the males after mating . . . 
and I just read that they may  be related to cockroaches (EW!), but for some reason, I like these little guys.
This one was sitting on our front rocking chair tonight, waiting for the monsoon storm that never arrived.

And today, Greg received his Invisalign aligners!

He got little nubs glued onto his teeth that the aligners hook on to (shown above).
The aligners are like plastic retainers.  He has many, many sets of them (top and bottom), all labeled and well-organized in nice little plastic bags.  He will use one set of aligners for one week and then move on to the next set.  Super cool!

More information about this process:

Part One

Part Two:

Part Three

And he was lucky enough to get some rubber bands, too!

Rubber Bands, Part Two

I feel as if I should throw in at least one kitten video, just for kicks!

And then, the parsley.
Well, my dear friend, Jackie, has been juicing for a while now, and she tells me that parsley is a known energy-booster.  So I figured I'd better add some to my afternoon juices!  And I did it!
ingredients: kale, parsley, green apples, carrots

final product

I did get a burst of enough energy to pack for our upcoming little jaunt!  And I couldn't really taste parsley . . . mostly I tasted the apples and carrots.  I definitely didn't have to choke it down.  And I will be doing it again tomorrow!

Here are the basics of what I have put aside to take on my trip

8 skirts

2 chambray shirts
3 light long-sleeved (but roll-up-able) shirts
9 short-sleeved shirts

one pair blue skinny jeans
one pair red jeggings
one pair thin-striped boyfriend jeans

I also have a couple of neutral sweaters, swimming stuff, hats, etc.
Each top goes with most of the bottoms, so getting dressed should be easy-peasy!

What is making me very happy today?
This necklace!
I bought it when I was out with Cindy last week, and it was all of $5 . . . but it has pretty faceted beads and it makes me smile.

And Allistair made me happy by "helping" me pack . . . 


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  1. I know praying mantis have their place but I still don't like them. Glad to see Greg's doing the aligning. I know he won't regret it. Your packing looks like you have everything covered. Have a GREAT time !!!