Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sandy, Our Maid

Wow!  It has been HOT here!  
And the monsoon is blowing in, so it was humid this morning, too.  Ew.

Here is what the wind did to one of our cacti:

We stay inside as much as possible and water the trees a lot.

I have had some questions about what I have been eating lately and which supplements I'm taking, so
I thought I would do a little low residue update.

I am drinking a lot of almond milk.  I like it a LOT; much better than I ever liked cow's milk!

 Applesauce is a great snack (I add cinnamon and ginger sprinkled on top!)

Pear halves in juice are another fairly good snack.
I am experimenting with them, hoping they are soft enough to not cause a problem.  

I have been sprinkling a little feta cheese on lots of things to add flavor, since sauces and spices seem to cause problems (sadly!  I love them!)  Feta is a great option - I LOVE it and it works with all sorts of things!

If I am going to be away from home over a meal time, I take a Boost along in my purse.
They are fairly tasty (they taste like sweetened condensed milk!) and give me lots of vitamins, minerals, and protein.  I can't exist on them alone (also, they're expensive), but I have been keeping a few in the fridge so I don't get stuck anywhere with food that isn't a great choice.

I have been eating a lot of white rice, ground meats (chicken, turkey, and beef), and plain crackers (mine are rice-based crispbread-type crackers).

 And white chocolate! 
Brown chocolate has cocoa powder, which is a high-residue food.  
White chocolate has cocoa butter, which is a low-residue food!


This is the one that has been shown in a double-blind study to be as effective as the strong prescription anti-inflammatory that was prescribed to me, Mesalamine.  But this one has no side effects!
I take two capsules with every meal.

 My aunt suggested this one to me, and I'm impressed with how many great anti-inflammatories and gut-healing ingredients it has.  Also, it tastes great in my morning breakfast shake!
Thanks, Cindy, for the recommendation!

This is the other thing that goes in my morning breakfast shake (besides almond milk):
MMMMmmmmm chocolatey goodness!

Aloe Vera juice is another anti-inflammatory and gut healer.  It coats the walls of the intestines, giving them a barrier to anything that's causing them distress while helping them heal at the same time.  Amazing, the plants God created!

As I was cleaning the closet last week, I found the Roomba we got for Christmas from my parents a couple of years ago.  I realized that the flooring is all done now, so we'd better give her another chance to clean for us!

First, Daddy had to fix up the Roomba to make her go (get out icky remains, check batteries).
Allistair helped!

Then we watched her go!
We have named her Sandy, because that describes our floor without her!

Allistair had to keep a CLOSE eye on her!

Allistair has taken to rolling around crazy on the kitchen tile.  We don't know why. 
Does he smell sweaty feet?
Does he hear bugs walking?
Is he rolling in the dust like horses do?
Hmmm . . . 

But of course we have been doing the most SLEEPING.  
This is our time of year to hibernate, and we do it well!

Hope your week is a happy one so far!

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  1. Glad you like the InflammX. I'm going to try some of the other things you have suggested. I'm having a major flare up due to my own stupidity. I got too lax on what I was eating and it caught up to me. Much better now that I'm getting back on track but will try your items cause I think they look like a smart thing to do.