Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last Day

And then, suddenly, it was our last day at the cabin.
We had a lot of cleaning to do before we could drive back to my parents' house in the city, so I got up early(ish) and went out for a paddle.

The water was very still.

Sleepy and a bit bedraggled:

Mni-Sota: Land where the waters reflect the clouds (Dakota language)

The waters reflect the trees, too.

I paddled around the island for the last time (this year!) and the dock looked inviting, but I didn't want to get out of my little boat.

Some ducks were having breakfast.

I ran into a floating mass of duckweed and was thankful for the ducks to eat it!

But the duckweed is very pretty!

Over by the pelican hideout, the water was very clear and the bottom was sandy.

I drifted along for a while, watching the water plants and the ripples:

Pelicans came in to land.

Some Canadian Geese even came to liase with the pelicans.
I always thought Canadian Geese were huge, but they look small next to the pelicans.

Male and Female:

And then my ride was finihsed.
I got duckweed on my feet from walking in the shallow water.

We cleaned for a couple of hours.

I got the raspberries I picked out of the freezer to put into zipper bags, and I found a G for Greg!

As well as some raspberry juice ice - yum!

 We packed up and headed out.

As we left, the pelicans were circling in a fabulous spiral pattern up and up and up.

The drive home was even pretty - the clouds were building up and were light and white and fluffy.

They even made the electrical substation look nice!

We saw a little pontoon plane;
it can land on lakes!

I like going through Freeport because their watertower has a smiley face on it.

Woes, BE GONE!!!

This trail is interesting to me not only because of its name, but because of the famous Minnesotan radio personality, Garrison Keillor, and his radio show and books.

You probably can't believe this, but we DID NOT stop at the Space Aliens Grill & Bar.
I think we missed out.

Thanks to John Denver and Sting, I stayed away the whole drive home!

We got to see my parents' new house for the first time.
Their street is homey and welcoming.

And the house is like a smaller, one-story version of their old house!
It feels very much like THEM - even before they've moved in.

There have been renovations going on.
The garage floor got epoxy.

Kitchen cabinets got painted.
All flooring has been replaced.
Walls have been painted a lovely mocha color.

This is the happy, sunny breakfast nook.

I would be happy eating breakfast there!

The carpet is plush and soft.

Built-in shelving (yay!) and an electric fireplace that can be lit with a remote if necessary!

Patio in the back big enough for a table and some plants.

And look at the beautiful view - it's GREEN!

Three bedrooms are down this hall to the right.

We went over the Mississippi River to get home.
Apparently there's a walkway along the river that's accessible not far from my parents' house, so next time we're there, I'm going to explore!

Almost back to my parents' current house, these cornrows were all lined up in perfect order.
With the clouds in the background.
Everything is picturesque!

Goodbye, lake . . . we're already looking forward to seeing you next year if God allows!

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  1. Nice pictures of the lake etc. Loved seeing the new house and upgrades.