Friday, July 31, 2015

More Kayaking + A Dramatic Reading

Guess what?
MORE kayaking!

Crazy Greg, possibly tired of me taking pictures of him:

We paddled over to the lilypad bay again.
And look whom we found: a Blue Heron!

And the water reflects the trees. 

I think he's watching for little fishies to eat . . . 

Such pretty flowers!

They're big, too!

So handsome!
Sorry, ladies, I picked the best man, so you can't have him.

"Aw, shucks!"

Here is another water plant:

And in spite of all the pictures of the kayaking, yes, we also used the JetSkis - it's FUN to go FAST!!!!!  It's harder to take photos, though!

Esme getting some Papa snuggles (and food!)

Grandma drew pictures of Butterfly and Bumblebee!
She's a good artist - there are even fish in the lake!
(drawing labeled by me)

 Grandma and Grandpa played on a blanket on the lawn with the girlies:

Pretty Grandma and sweet Cora with the water lily flower I brought back.

Mark blew up a huge floating island so we could flop down on it and be in the water and on the shoreline.  Thanks, Mark - I love that thing!

At dinner, Cosmo waited . . . 

and waited . . . 

and waited some more.
He's very cute.
Don't worry, I'm pretty sure some *accidental* pieces of something might have fallen on the floor and gotten *accidentally* into his mouth.

Mark and Jillian packed stuff up to head back home.
Mark was feeling better after a week at the cabin.
What a stud!

He had to clean off the island because there are invasive weeds that are overtaking lakes in Minnesota, and it's the law to clean lake items before putting them in a new lake so the weeds don't travel.

He did a great job!

Even on the underside!

Speaking of traveling weeds, this micro-island floated by!!!

Dad grabbed it . . .  

and helped it on its way!

Here's an extra bonus reward for you . . . 
a dramatic reading of the book, 
"My First Farm Board Book"
available here on Amazon (reader - Greg! - not included!)

Now, wipe the tears of laughter from your face and move on with your life!
Unless you have to watch it again, as I did.

On the topic of books,
I did a lot of reading on this vacation.
I started out with this series, which I have read at least twice before.
The ninth one just came out and I have it waiting for me after I finish re-reading all the previous ones.
I got through four on vacation.

At the second-hand store in Sauk Centre, I found these three books, all of which I had wanted to read!!!  And they were between $2.99 and $3.99 each - score!

I found this keychain.
I was even purposefully looking for a keychain because my agate turtle one from Alaska broke (after I dropped him more than once on the driveway - oops!)

I got these prayer rocks - one for me, one for Cindy, one for Jen.

And then I found this little block with one of the most inspiring quotes I can imagine.
It reminds me of the encouraging parable Jesus told, documented in Matthew 13.

Sometimes it's discouraging to not be able to count a HUGE harvest in this lifetime, but
my job is to KEEP SOWING SEEDS!!!

Here it is in place by the front door.

My Mom bought me this beautiful little vase (which is now on my nightstand!)
Love its shape and pretty gold color.

I bought this wooden owl (which is also on my nightstand right now!)
Could he be any cuter?

Here is the owl in place on my nightstand! 

So cute!

At the second-hand store, I found this fantastic vase, which sits now on my dining table.
It's perfect and fits in great - AND it's a wonderful reminder of a great trip and a fun day out with my sweet Mom.

Here's the vase on the dining table . . . 
looks good, huh?

Vacation was almost over at this point. . . 
and I was getting happy to go home.

I missed my kitties and my cute little home!

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