Friday, July 31, 2015

Sauk Centre & Lasagna

Mom & I had a shopping day in Sauk Centre!
I wore this dress (Emma & Michele) with this bag (Betsey Johnson).

And these shoes (Aerosole).
Cora loves "Grandpa Peas" (= fresh peas from Grandpa's garden)
and these empty pods were everywhere on the ground. 

Cora got a new "bike" to ride - it's called a "Fly Bike".

Here's part of Main Street!

Supposedly, this hotel is haunted.

Mom found a necklace. 

I love all the little signs.

And these socks made me LOL.

Pretty and creative displays:

LOVE this hand soap dispenser;
I hope my Jesus Germs get everywhere!

Little fluffy clouds over Main Street.

Eek!  There's a car coming out of the wall!

 Pretty steeple:

After my parents bought their cabin in Sauk Centre, they learned that my Mom's mother had grown up nearby and was married in the town - probably at this building (or its predecessor).
The day of the wedding, it hailed, and my Grandpa's soft-top for his convertible was destroyed.
For a year, while they saved up money to replace it, they drove with open umbrellas on rainy days!

Beautiful farmland

The bridge over the neck of the lake:

The Sumac is turning bright red already.
It usually doesn't turn red until FALL, so this is a little scary for Minnesotans!

It is usually green in summer, like this:

Dad was fixing on some stuff out by the shore while the girlies took their nap 
in the afternoon:

I went out kayaking again.

When I cut up my apple for an afternoon snack, the knife was surprisingly quick and sharp, and I sliced my finger.  Mark & Jillian talk frequently about being careful with knives, so when Cora hear that I had cut myself, she said, "Auntie Christie isn't very careful with knives!"

I assembled our lasanga for the following evening in stages.

Ready to percolate until oven time tomorrow!

It was another lovely day!


  1. 1. Are those gluten free lasagna noodles??? 2. Did you spend a ton of money in that cute store??? That Jesus soap and the not-Jesus socks were amazing! 3. Welcome home! Let's hang out!

    1. Jihae!!!! I thought of you immediately when I saw that Jesus hand soap dispenser. :) 1. YES, they are gluten-free lasagna noodles. They have to be boiled for 10 minutes before the lasagna gets assembled, even though the package says they don't. Otherwise they're too chewy. Then I lay them all out on aluminum foil to cool until I assemble the whole lasagna pie business. I usually get the Tinkyada brand (I think they're available at Target now, but if not, Sprout's). 2. I did not spend that much money, but I could've bought much more! 3. Thanks! Yes, lets'! Text me with your availability and we'll figure something out. xoxoxo

  2. What delightful memories. I appreciate the details that otherwise I might have forgotten. Great pictures and unusual dramatic reading.

    1. Thanks, sweet Mom! The pictures bring back great memories for me, too. :)