Thursday, July 16, 2015

Almost Friday!

In the summer, Allistair needs to sleep with his belly up towards the sky!

Stephen is always dignified . . . unless there's a fly in the house!

Juvy is cuddly and sweet.

Here are three cats sleeping . . . can you spot them all?

Claude is FLUFFY and ever so pretty.

Such a beautiful little furry face!

I haven't posted an outfit for a long time, so 
here's what I wore one day this week.
tank: Banana Republic
dress: Calvin Klein
YES, you see a suitcase!
It's getting close to time for us to head out for our summer week at the cabin in Minnesota with my parents, my brother (Mark) and his wife (Jillian) and their kidlets (Cora and Esme).

I'm getting packed . . . 

while still not being completely UNpacked from our renovations!
There are some boxes in my office that I haven't had a chance to sort yet (some will stay, some will be donated/thrown away) and Stephen LOVES the packing bubbles and paper!

And the day before yesterday we had a weird sunny storm.
Greg came home in it and said the wind was blowing the rain sideways
and it was sunny the whole time!

Almost Friday . . . 

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