Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bookshelf & Weather

The backyard is a wild wonderland right now.
The Chinese Elm trees (above) are leafy
(thanks to Greg watering them all the time in the summer heat).

Our little cactus with the spider flowers is blooming again!

The bloom stalk starts off as a little fuzzy nub.

Our talllllll cactus (as tall as the house!) 
is growing another stalk, too.

Moving to the inside of the house, Stephen is also a wild wonderland!
When he needs to cuddle, he doesn't care if Mommy is reading.

Allistair likes to sleep belly-up.

He looks silly from the top, too!

I went to Ikea with Jen and found this little bench in the "As-Is" section for $35,
already assembled.  We couldn't find anything wrong with it besides a little teeny space in the inside between the base and the walls.

I put a faux sheepskin throw on it and settled it under the window between the big bookcase and the sliding glass door.  It's a nice little seat for watching a fierce Foosball match, perusing a book, or looking out the window (especially if you're a cat!)

Isn't he a cute little bench?

Juvy has taken to rolling around on the front door rug and washing her belly.
Of course, then Mama has to come over, rub the belly, and mess it all back up again!

On Monday, I finally got the big bookcase all reorganized and filled back up.

And all the books are in appropriate categories so I know just where to find them.

I LOVE looking at bookcases full of beautiful books!
Who knows what delightful things I might find inside those books . . . 

I still have been walking at 6:15 every morning, even through the hottest part of the year.
This week has been cloudy, and I even got some rain!
See the raindrops on the sidewalk?

Here's our house with the clouds.

The clouds were silvery.

And then later in the week - surprise!  A rainbow!

A DOUBLE rainbow!
The second one is to the right and less bright.

Here's most of the curve of that gorgeous apparition.

It certainly was worth it taking a walk that day!

Here's how the storms look as they are rolling in in the afternoon:

For those of you interested in my health journey, feel free to jump on over to my NEW

I decided to make some videos of what I'm doing that is working for me regarding diet, supplements, more natural beauty and body care items, exercise, meditation, and more.
Should be fun!

At TJ Maxx the other day (or was it Ross?)
I saw this funny thing.
It counts how many beers you open.
Maybe so you don't loose count and drink too many?

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