Friday, July 31, 2015

Lilypads, Geese, Pelicans, and A STONE!

The next day I kayaked a LOT.
In the morning, I went out by myself.
First I paddled over to an area with lots of lilypads.

Isn't it great?!

Here's a water lily flower:

And here's a water lily Christie!

Then I paddled my way out to the tiny little island in the middle of our half of the lake and moored by little boat in the V of a fallen tree.  The waves waved by and I clung on with my toes.

The island has a bunch of trees and bushes and someone put a dock on it this year.
If I'd brought shoes with me, I would've docked and taken a look around on land.

But as it was, I was content to look with my eyes.

Surprise!  No sunglasses!

Later that afternoon, Greg was happy to announce the arrival of his kidney stone!
It's been nine months since it led to the first trip to the emergency room (also in Minnesota), and it has finally caused its last problem.  My Dad and Greg looked at it under a microscope back at my parents' house in Oakdale, and it's all spiky and mountainous!

Greg and I went out in the kayaks after dinner, too.
The sun sets VERY late (after 9 PM this time of year) in Minnesota, and there's still plenty of light even after that for a while, so we didn't have to rush. 

It was convenient, because the girlies went to bed after dinner, so we could just slip out and not disturb the process.

We saw a gaggle of Canadian Geese.

And of course, we tootled around the pelicans' hideout.

Near where the pelicans are is the place a stream comes into the lake.
We went up into it quite a way until the bugs got fierce.

Then we said good night to the pelicans and headed home.

More tomorrow!

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