Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I love kayaking!

It was probably my favorite part of the vacation outside of some quiet time away with Greg
(which was especially necessary because his job has been extra stressful the past month or so).

This year I was able to hoist the kayak off its hooks in the shed and carry it down to the end of the dock all by myself.

We hung the kayaks up after they dried because otherwise the abundant spiders, ants, and other buggies got in them.

Then I just make sure I have all my stuff and head out.
It's silent and smooth and gorgeous and I can go anywhere on the lake!

Sometimes people watched us leave.

See?  Happy!

My parents' property from the kayak.

The Man and me.

Greg, manning his ship.

Getting closer to the pelican hideout.

Some Canadian Geese came flying in:

Getting a little warm in the sun.

The water was like a ripply mirror.

And the sky was BLUE with fluffy white bits!

It's the perfect sport for an introvert.
Together . . . but also alone.

We saw the mama duck and her babies again.

Kayak drying on the beach.

Remember the broken JetSki?

My Dad decided to buy a new one!!!
More photos about this process coming soon - check back.
(Greg has the photos from the shopping trip, so I need to get them from him before I can post them).

He took Mark & Greg after doing a little research and they came back with THIS, which Cora promptly named "Bumblebee".  She called the red one "Butterfly".

Other events of the day:
Grandpa taped some bubble wrap to the ground for Cora to run, stomp, or dance across.

Of course, there was resting and snuggles!

And reading of Reddit!

And good food and laughter.

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