Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Lake

Sauk Lake, to be clear.

This is the lake on which my parents have a cabin.

There is a marshy, shallow area where the pelicans and seagulls and Canadian Geese have a hideout to the north.  It's visible from the end of my parents' dock.

pelicans taking off

Interesting seaweeds ("lake weeds"? water plants?) near the dock

The textures of the water are ever-changing, and I love the plants underneath peeking out through the ripply water.

Mark and my Dad are always raking the bottom to stop the plants from growing there so the bottom will be more sandy and less marshy.  It's working!

My niece, Cora, is interested in almost everything.

Cora isn't a big fan of slimy animals or animals with pincers or creepy crawlies.
Grandpa is teaching her that these animals are nothing to fear!
Here he has saved a crayfish for her to experience:

This mama duck had eight baby ducklings!

I can't help but wonder if she was babysitting for some other mother ducks.

This green stuff is duckweed, and ducks love to eat it!
My Dad educated me that duckweed doesn't need a root into the dirt at the bottom of the lake, so it can float freely in water of any depth.
It's beautiful and has tiny little green leaves that are shiny and delicate.

Getting ready to drive the personal watercraft onto its stand . . . 

My brother's dog, Cosmo, watched
(when he wasn't sleeping, which was a LOT . . . he's pretty elderly).

I enjoyed the view and the cool weather.
I was chilly quite often on this trip and wore jeans!

Greg went kayaking, even on our first day at the cabin.
I just wanted some quiet time with the beauty of the lake and the trees.

Before kayaking, a person must make sure there are no spiders or ants in the kayak.

Dad had a lovely spot in the shade to watch the goings-on.

I found a pretty seashell by the shore.
Lake shell creatures are tiny and delicate compared to ocean ones.

More beautiful and interesting plant life.

Later, Cora decided to put on Jillian's (my sister-in-law) big huge furry animal slippers.
Cora is two, so these slippers were a big challenge!

In the late afternoon, the chicken and gravy in the crock pot was done, and Greg mashed the potatoes just right.

After dinner, we went on a little cruise on the pontoon boat.
Mark drove, 'cause he knows how.  He's good at it, too.

Believe it or not, he was having fun.

Cosmo had fun, too.
I believe he may have even gotten a cheese puff or two.

Snacks and wine were consumed.
It's not illegal to drink and drive a boat as long as there's no crazy unsafe driving going on.

Cosmo got cold and snuggled up to Greg.
 Look at the glassy clear water!

This point is owned by a person or persons who refuse to sell even though this land is worth tons of money.  I'm glad - it's gorgeous and I don't want a resort or Mega Mansion or something there.

It was about nine pm and the sun started to finally go down.
It sets very late in Minnesota this time of year!

This is the town of Sauk Centre.

Everything takes on a different hue when the sun is setting.

We came across a loon, the state bird of Minnesota.
They have a hauntingly beautiful call.

As the sun moves (comparative to the earth, of course),
the water changes colors and textures and seems thicker.

Goodbye, sun.
See you tomorrow!

Loons can be best heard and enjoyed around sunset and a little after.

This sign was painted on a fence we saw on our way home.

The whole sky glowed orange.

And Cosmo got chillier, so Greg wrapped him up in his flannel shirt.

I love this picture . . . 
both of them look satisfied, as if they have transacted a deal that pleases both of them.

He can't keep his little doggy eyes open.

We saw this beautiful pair of pelicans gliding on the glassy lake as we were pulling into the dock.

And once we got home, it was sleepy time!
Good night!

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  1. I LOVED the sunset/lake pictures. What treasured memories. Greg and Cosmo were soooo cute!!