Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Yay!  We made it home from our vacation!

Get ready to experience Minnesota!

Here are the snacks I took on the plane.

Simply Balanced organic cheese puffs
Boiled eggs
Sliced apple
Just Great Stuff powdered chocolate peanut butter

Love the carpet at the Phoenix airport!

We made it there!

My parents' plants are beautiful this time of year.

Day Lily:

My parents' home is for sale.
They are moving into a house closer to my brother and his family.
I'm a little sad, but it's the best move for them.

The grass SO SOFT that my feet love it.

There's neat little moss growing in the bark of the front tree.

We packed up the cars and went over to my brother's.

Grandma got to snuggle Esme!

Everybody was happy!

Grandpa got to snuggle Cora.

Everybody was happy some more!

The weather was lovely and the trees outside the screened-in patio were green and lush.

Cora had a desert unit at daycare, and this is her cactus artwork!
It looks like the real thing!

She also made this lion mane, which is amazingly cute.

Esme really wanted to be with her Mama and was happy when she got to be!

I have a tradition of taking the girls books when I see them.
This time I took


Both were very well received!

After we got the vehicles packed up with all the food and supplies,
we drove 1.5 hours up to the cabin.

My parents have this this funny moose dish scrubber at the cabin!

I picked many many raspberries from my Dad's amazing raspberry bushes.

The first night, we had a Texas dish we call Chalupas:
a spicy pork roast with veggies on top.
(I stuck pretty close to my normal low-meat, low animal-products diet while we were gone, so I didn't eat this meal, but it smelled and looked delicious!)

Here is how the lake looked from the cabin the first night.

Mark (my brother) found a huge piece of driftwood and put it in (on?) the fire circle.
Believe it or not, before we left a week later, that driftwood was burnt up!

Moon and Venus.

The first pelican I saw on this trip.
Many more pelican pictures will follow in upcoming posts - there's a pelican enclave\ near my parents' cabin!

I spent time on the very end of the pier, watching the sun go down.

My parents' cabin from the end of the pier.

Tune in tomorrow for more!

P.S.  Our trip was wonderful and at the same time it's great to be home.  

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