Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fluffs and Peridot

Claude has been especially fluffy and good-natured lately.

She's been following us around, wanting snuggles.  It's rather nice after 7 years or so of her really not wanting that much to do with us.

She even sits on my desk while I'm working . . . 

Light-as-air little fluffy paws!

Allistair likes to sleep near his favorite toys
(this is Wanda the whale).

 I wuv that widdle pink nosey!

My walks in the morning are getting cooler and darker.
I love it!

At Target, I saw this glass . . .

Free attached mustache, in case you were searching for one!

Greg put up our "alligator" wall-hanging from his sweet Grandma.

Looks great again!

And Juvy had some time inside the other day and spent it looking out the front window because it was windy and leaves were blowing around.

I love how her little snout is sort of square.

And a little purchase for me . . . 

Sadly, I broke the little bow ring I've been wearing on my right hand for a year and a half when it got caught on the door jamb while I was feeding Juvy.  It was so delicate that it was wrenched out of shape and I haven't been able to bend it back so that it is comfortable again.

Eventually I plan to have a jeweler rework a beautiful opal (my birthstone) and diamond ring that used to be my Mom's.  It's not a good size for any of my fingers and I would like to adjust it a little.  But since the only good jeweler I know is in Minnesota (a friend of my parents'), and since I don't want to do this long-distance, I am waiting on that for now.  Eventually, when I find someone good down here (through hearsay, probably - anyone know a good independent jeweler in the Chandler, Arizona area?), I'll submit all my old/unwearable gold for recycling.  That sweet little bow ring will be part of that recycled bunch!  Or, of course, if the apocalypse comes, I can trade my gold for food and water (or ammo).  

So I went on the search for something else that I can wear on that finger and came up with this in my price range, size, and taste.  It's a little peridot in a beautiful setting with a pretty detailed band.  

Just what I was looking for!

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