Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rain And Chilly Temps

I can't get enough of kitties with tongues out!
And it's a blessing we get to have Juvy in our family because she's missing one of her front fangs and her tongue naturally sticks out more often than with most cats.

And look!  The cutest lil' white soft belly!

Stephen likes to droop over the edge of the couch, looking at birdies through the window.

 In the afternoons, the boys usually sleep on the bed on our bedroom.
They situate themselves on opposite sides of the divider.

Here is what happens when I'm sitting somewhere and Allistair wants to snuggle:

See that there's a blue mousie in front of Stephen?
This is Maude.  She is Allistair's mousie and he brings her along when he's going to take a nap.
I think he originally was sleeping on this side, but Stephen jumped up there and surprised him, so he transferred to the other side but forgot to take Maude with him.

Claude has continued to be very snuggly.  Demanding, even.
And she gets snuggles when she wants because look at this face!

My dear sweet friend Jen took me to a showing of "Hamlet" with Benedict Cumberbatch that's billed as being filmed live at the National Theater in London.  Before the show, they showed a video feed from a theater in London where they were also showing the video.

It was dark and I was embarrassed to be taking a selfie in a movie theater, so I tried to be quick and this is blurry, but it's still a special photo.

The weather here has been an early birthday gift to me!!!
This morning it was in the 60s!
And right now (early afternoon), it's still only 75 and breezy and cloudy.

Last night I made a shepherd's pie with veggies and a nice thick bubbly sauce
and of course the mashed potatoes on top.
It hits the spot on a chilly damp evening!

Mr. Blue Eyes (Allistair):

I can't do yoga without him right there, "helping".

Just looking at him DOES help a lot!

And he keeps me from getting too chilly.

Here is some gloomy rain . . . 

I enjoyed my walk to the mailbox.

I hope you have some fun weather today, too!

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