Thursday, March 2, 2017

Family Time

We had more fun while my brother, Mark, his wife, Jillian, 
and their two adorable girls were in Arizona.  

We took the opportunity for some family photos in the sun.  My brother has an awesome Selfie Stick and I love it.  While Greg and I were in Switzerland, the cute Chinese girls were making little kissy faces and holding their Selfie Sticks all the time, filming everything and taking tons of photos and I found the sticks annoying.  But now that I've seen that they are quicker than a tripod and work almost as well out in the wild, I am putting one on my Amazon list!

Here's my favorite photo taken in the traditional manner using Greg's skills and a tripod.

And here's a photo of my Mom's beautiful foot!

The girls (plus Grandpa) got to feed the ducks.

We found a couple of restaurants while they were here that work for everyone's varied nutritional practices.

I was able to eat gluten-free and vegan at Jason's Deli very easily with this big salad.
I don't love ordering just a salad anywhere, especially when it costs $7-10 because I can make a better salad at home much cheaper.  BUT when I get to eat a meal with people I love and everyone can eat something they like, it's completely worth it.

Jason's Deli has crayons and activity pages for kids, too.

Greg discovered Pieology, a place where pizzas are assembled individually.

I liked it already just walking in because the smell was delectable.

And they had a board of inspirational sayings on the wall.

This is great for anyone who runs a team:

Also, in the back room there was a sign that reminded staff members to SMILE!

Here's the menu (or you can find it here):

I was impressed by the care with which they stored, assembled, and cooked my gluten-free pizza
(though they wisely warn people that gluten-free status cannot be guaranteed).

I chose the house red sauce.
Even though they had vegan cheese, I don't particularly like it, so I left it off.

The metal thing inside the fire even said "Pieology"!

Esme was excited to get pizza.

Her face looks sad because Uncle Greg is taking a picture (and we wouldn't want to look too happy in photos now, would we?), but I thought her little hair was so cute I had to include this photo.
She's a little Who down in Whoville!

Beautiful sweet Cora enjoyed her pizza, too, though she was tired from so much fun earlier in the day and had a bit of a headache.  She was talking about how a little nap would help her feel better.

Here's my pizza . . .

house red sauce
black olives
artichoke hearts
red onions
red peppers (though these were spicy and I had to take them off due to stupid Crohn's - spicy stuff is GOOD!)

Pizza is NOT priced by toppings and I piled them on!

Mark got to clean up those little hands and faces,
and here is his reward.

We had tasty food and lots of fun!
Greg, Christie, Dory (my Mom, unaware of photo happening and tired!), Cora, Jillian, Esme

Don't worry, Dad, Greg didn't forget to get a photo of you, too!
Greg, Tom (my Dad!)

Friday night, my lovely parents watched the girlies while Mark & Jillian came over to watch "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" with me.  It's one of the lesser-known Bond films and it's incredibly slow moving.  I bought it because Greg and I visited Piz Gloria where part of it was filmed!  It's on a mountaintop in Switzerland.

Mark was having an allergic reaction and took a Benadryl, which prompted this . . . 

Awww!  Allistair trusted him right away and decided he'd be good to snuggle.  Allistair got quite a few snuggles from Auntie Jillian, too.  

We had to say goodbye to my brother's wonderful family because they went back to Minnesota on Sunday.  I got some lovely snuggles.

Even from Esme.
Look at that sweet pudgy little hand!

Love those girls and that brother and sister-in-law of mine!

Already looking forward to seeing them in the summer when we head to Minnesota for time at my parents' lake cabin!!!

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