Thursday, March 9, 2017

Shopping With Mom

Hey, there!
If you haven't figured it out, when there's more of a delay between posts, it means I haven't been feeling very well.

I had high hopes that with my new doctor's help, I'd be able to get my thyroid regulated quickly, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  I feel awful again . . . it seems like the first week or so after she raises the dose of my T3 medication (the thyroid hormone I'm SUPER low on) I feel extra GREAT, but then I crash again and dissolve into fatigue and many tears.  It's terrible.  Yesterday was really rough and today is, too.  I'm distracting myself by reading and researching, but as soon as I stop, I want to cry some more.  Argh.  

This is probably a good time to put up some fun photos of a wonderful shopping trip I took with my sweet dear Mom.

I even made you a video!

Look at this cute top and great pants my Mom is wearing! 

Here's what I wore:
jeans: inc International Concepts from Macys
shoes, socks, camisole, sweater (!!!): Target
bag: Betsey Johnson from eBay

I didn't need the jacket, but it looked cute with the rest of the outfit, 
so I thought I'd show you.

Here's me while my Mom was taking her jeans for a test-drive.

We went to Pieology for lunch and it was even tastier than last time!

Then we went to Ross and TJ Maxx.
Here's what I bought at Ross . . . look at those adorable patterns!

After that, I even had enough energy to get groceries at Sprout's.
You'd think I would have felt inklings that my supply of energy was about to run plumb out suddenly, but I didn't!

I didn't keep being active right up until bedtime or anything, either;
I stopped and read with my bubbly water.

Look how pretty the bubbles are in this beautiful glass!

I think this one deserves to be a poster on someone's wall
(maybe mine!) 

Here's a little kitty, one of four who make me smile every single day.

In order to get some activity and sunshine into my day, I went outside with Juvy and did some weeding.
Our weeds are enormous and taking over.

The Chinese Elm trees are leafing out!
I noticed yesterday and today they're already going crazy.

They always grow leaves at the tips of the branches first!

Our agave is growing his trident-shaped stalk.

This little partridge-breast agave is growing a beautiful bright orange stalk!
Hummingbirds love this little guy.

I don't know the name of this cactus, but its flower is bright and cheerful. 

This one seems appropriate for the upcoming Easter season.
Definitely better than lilies, which are toxic and deadly to cats!!! 

I hope your day is happy and healthy and that you see blessings all around you.

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