Friday, April 28, 2017

Pollen, Bracelet, Lotion

The pollen here has been crazy!
I have been working to not take allergy medication anymore
and it's rough this time of year, but I'm doing pretty well.

So far, I'm using a supplement that has a bunch of ingredients in it that are shown in studies to help allergies: stinging nettle, bromelain, reishi mushroom, N-acytl cystine, and quercetin.
Not all of them are well-researched yet, but I'm willing to give them a chance because of the studies that have been done and because most of them have been used therapeutically by natural providers for a long time.   I also use Himalayan pink sea salt and a Xylitol nasal spray.  Together they make a big difference, but I still definitely know that I have allergies.
To be honest, even Mucinex and Zyrtec (over-the-counter allergy medication and anti-snot medication) didn't cut it, so I'm just as well off this way, with no side-effects.
I also read recently that antihistamines are well-known to cause mood difficulties (anxiety, depression, etc.), and I DO NOT NEED any of that!

The weather has been warm, too.  It reached 100 last week, but then, 
happily, it cooled right off again!
As I type this, it's 68 and very breezy.
I couldn't resist opening the windows, but my eyes are watering and I'm sniffling.

Even the cats seem to notice the allergens.
They've been sneezing more than usual and they've been very sleepy. 


Claude & Stephen (on my desk while I was working):

Close-up of Stephen:

Juvy wedged her head into the pillows on the bed and peered out at me.
She got some kisses and snuggles for being so cute! 

Wookit dose widdle toesies!!!

Here is my favorite outfit from the past week.
I love the turquoise and tangerine together!
dress: Haani
shoes: Bandolino
jacket: Tulle
bag: unlabeled, from Ross

I had the exciting opportunity to speak for a local United Way program that trains child-care providers how to better support the kids in their programs in various ways.  I got to talk about behavioral and sensory strategies and I had a grand time!  They got great feedback about my talks, and they are hoping to have me back to speak some more in the fiscal new year (which starts in June).
I'm very happy to have the chance to teach things I know and love and I'm honored to help kids by giving their caregivers some more information.

Here's what I wore to the first talk:
 dress: Tacera

Another exciting thing is my new bracelet!

I found it on Etsy and stalked it for a month before finally purchasing it.
I think it's the prettiest bracelet I've ever seen.  It is dainty and feminine and it dangles just right.

I also want to talk about my new lotion because it's transforming my skin!

Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion with 12% Glycolic AHA, 12 Ounce ( Packaging May Vary)

Due to hypothyroidism I have had terrible dry red itchy skin.
I don't have any before photos, but the one above could count as the "after" or at least the "in progress" because it's a HUGE difference from how my hands used to be!
I got this lotion about four days ago.
It contains 12% glycolic acid, which sloughs off old skin and keeps the skin underneath nice and plump.  Hooray!
I use it morning and night on all the parts of my body I can reach, and it's fabulous!
My previously terrible feet are changing, too.  I might actually show my feet in public at some point again in my life thanks to appropriate amounts of thyroid hormone and this lotion.
One of my calluses just flaked right off yesterday!

As far as food,
I've been eating a LOT of veggies . . . 
in fact, I found a new way to cook them that I like better than any other way.
I chunk them up sort of small and then roast them on my baking stones until they get brown and a little caramelized.  My mouth is watering now!

I use sweet potato, zucchini, mushroom, and red bell peppers.
Delicious!  I served it over black bean pasta.

I think I'm off for a snack!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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