Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vegan Easter Feast

Some of Greg's friends from work were asking questions about Christianity and about Easter,
so he invited them to join us for Easter Sunday (RESURRECTION Sunday!) at church
and a lovely vegan feast afterward.

Of course, this was a tricky proposition because I as the chef and hostess ran 1:1 (special needs) programs in two out of the three services on Sunday morning, and lunch was right after the third (which I attended), so I wasn't able to prepare the food during that time.

Happily, I was fairly energetic during the week and into the weekend, so I made the food on Saturday
and hoped that it would taste okay reheated in the oven on Sunday.

Here's what I made . . . 

Sweet potato patties (to be eaten in buns like burgers):

Seasoned roasted potato rounds:

Cashew butter crinkle cookies:

and cinnamon cupcakes (with crosses to celebrate the Resurrection!)

I also set up the table centerpiece.
I put all sorts of things there that symbolize NEW LIFE
(trees, succulents, eggs).

Greg was pleased to give his friends a tour around our church facility.
Most of them are engineers, so they enjoyed his explanation of how he volunteers (as a sound tech)
and they were interested in all the sound equipment.

While they were touring, I had time to come home, have a quick snack, and then think through the best way to heat everything up.  Beans in a pot on the stove, potatoes and sweet potato patties in the oven.

The potatoes got a little browner and crispier with the second baking,
but they sure tasted good.

I piled up the patties in a pan and popped them in the oven along with the potatoes.
They were definitely no worse for the wear.

I'm surprised my eyes were open and I was smiling by this point!

After lunch,
foosball attracted everyone quickly!

We hung out for a bit longer, and then everyone needed a nap!
I'd been up since 5:30 am, but it was already late afternoon, so I kept myself awake to be able to sleep in the nighttime.  Greg and I did some online browsing, some reading, some cat snuggling . . . 
pretty much brain dead.

Two cats on the coffee table - dangerous!
by the way, I'm very much enjoying this book series . . . very interesting!

Stephen, drooping, as usual.

Special Daddy snuggles:

I hope you had a joyful Resurrection Sunday!

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