Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Patio Updates, Food, Outfits

I bought some new pillows for the patio and I LOVE how they go together!
The modern print of the triangle pattern and the floral sort of old-fashioned print are a wonderful match.  I bought the triangle pillows from WalMart online (find them here)
and the floral ones at Target (also ordered online).
I compared them in side-by-side windows and guessed they'd look great together,
and I was right!

They look good with the rugs, as well.
The turquoise matches the turquoise of the rug,
and the darker blue matches the chairs around the table.
The mustard/gold just brings extra happiness to the patio!

I bought four of each, so I can throw them around all over the place to bring lots of excitement and joy.  I love being outside (though now that summer's coming, it's less often) and even looking out the windows makes me happy with all this prettiness.

Now even the OUTSIDE of our house expresses my personality.

This little cactus is happy, too.

While checking in on my parents' condo the other day, I saw the moon peeking through the branches of this wisteria tree.  Isn't that beautiful?

Shopping at Target the other day, I saw this great mirror set,
and when I looked into it, I saw this amusing sight!
My pieces are put together all wrong!

Even a plain mirror with a cardboard strip in the middle was sort of funny.
There's some new jewelry in my wardrobe!
I bought a lovely new bracelet recently (it's been about a month already, I guess,
I just forgot to post about it).  I stalked it on Etsy for about a month before deciding to purchase it,
but I"m thrilled I made the choice to do it!
It's beautiful and feminine and I love the contrasting textures and the dangling teardrops.

I also sold an old claddaugh ring (Irish style ring) I bought about 17 years ago when I was an Irish dancer) and used the proceeds to purchase a necklace.
This is pink sapphires.

The rest of my wardrobe has been chugging away nicely,
though I've decided to switch things up a little and add some skirts back into my wardrobe for this summer.  I'm already a little bored of just throwing on a dress every single day (after only a few weeks of doing it!) Summers here have no layering for about six months, and it gets incredibly BORING to not be able to mix things up at all.  Tops and bottoms allow for a little more creativity.  
I'm finding myself influenced by this blog and this YouTube channel, though I'll have more color in my outfits, of course.  I created a Pinterest board of my inspirations, which you can see here.

I'm adding a few things here and there, which I will document for you soon.

Here are some recent outfits.

Greg and I went out for a late evening dinner with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and it was windy and chilly.  I wore a navy and blue wrap dress with a denim jacket.
dress: Tacera
jacket: ABS
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
shoes: Bandolino

The bathroom was bright lime green, not the most flattering color.

Here's a safe for the internet photo of my jammies
with a light hooded sweatshirt over the top.
And look how cute and cuddly Claude was!!!
pajamas: Target
hooded sweatshirt: Target
socks: Target
slippers: Ross

Here is some more delicious cat tummy for you!
Allistair went to the vet on Saturday, and afterwards he was EXTREMELY cuddly and sleepy.
I didn't mind! 

I was wearing a lovely flowy dress and my new pink sapphire necklace.
dress: Target (xhilaration)

I went to Ross with Cindy a couple of weeks ago and was wearing this outfit:
dress: Tacera
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
shoes: Bandolino

Now that the weather's warmed up quite a bit (it was 106 today),
the cats are stretched out when they sleep rather than curled up tightly.

Stephen's favorite position is drooped off things.

But they still like to be as close to us as possible!
Here's the view while I was working hard in my office the other day
(I got some great big curriculum orders - hooray!)

I had a stomach virus (food poisioning?  I don't know!) over the weekend
and have been queasy since then.  I haven't been eating much, and what I have been eating is very simple.  Rice & veggies, dried cranberries, potatoes, grapes.  Nothing I expect to taste good is tasting good yet.  But I found these photos of meals I made before the illness that hit the spot at the time, so I thought I'd share them.

Looks like steak, but it's a huge portobello mushroom, marinated in balsamic honey sauce with vegetable rice.  I need to change the sauce a bit, but it was pretty good and it looked good on the plate.

Rice rotini, black bean rotini, and roasted vegetables with all-seasons salt
Almond butter with mini chocolate chips (vegan)
hibiscus tea

That was a good meal!

Mango-banana n'ice cream ( = NOT ice cream)

This was a long winding post about nothing in particular, and now I will leave you with this lovely sentiment, which I saw on a piece of art at Ross.

Go forth into the world and light thousands of candles!!!

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