Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Style Catchphrase

I was feeling lousy this morning, so I decided to help myself feel better by playing around with my new video editing software. It's easiest to play with it first and then use it for work purposes after I figure it out. Today I taught myself how to insert photos, do voiceovers, and do split screens!

I also did some yoga and some cooking to help myself feel better, and both helped a lot. I tried out two new recipes - zucchini crust pizza and cauliflower crust pizza. The cauliflower turned out very well (video of the process will be posted soon!) but the zucchini was too wet and soggy. It went in the trash. 
Here's a photo to whet your appetite!

I have my next doctor appointment on Friday and I assume my T3 (thyroid hormone) dose win be raised.  I'm feeling draggy and sad and not great again, AND my bloodwork says I'm still not in the Healthy Zone. Getting better all the time, though! 

Here's how I soothe myself on sad days:

1.) Soft comfy flowing clothes that feel like a hug

2.) Healthy nourishing plant foods

3.) Prayer and Bible reading

4.) Meditating
Here's my favorite guided one:

5.) Cooking

6.) Walking outside in beautiful surroundings

7.) Ambient music 
Here's my very favorite artist:

8.) Reading

9.) Certain TV shows or movies.
I like all the Star Trek versions, Northern Exposure, and Red Dwarf best when I'm down.

10.) Cat snuggles!!!

How do you help yourself feel better on difficult days?

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