Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's FINALLY Chilly!

It has finally gotten chilly enough to need to cuddle under blankets and wear SWEATERS!
It's my favorite time of year.

The house looks especially festive, I get to layer, and the cats are eager for me to get in bed with the hot water bottle to snuggle.

Terrible lighting, but such a silly, droopy kitty!

 Another way we're getting cozy around here is by getting some new blankets!

New blanket #1: the stripey one

New blanket #2: the floral one

Claude was uncertain . . . 

This time of year, especially,
more than one cat would often like to be on my lap at the same time!

Sometimes they succeed!
I'm always happy when I'm covered in cats
(although most of the time I have a full bladder or need a beverage!)

Two!  Two, two two cats on ONE LAP (sort of)!

Here's a little video from when Allistair was extremely relaxed.
He does satisfied HUGE kitty sighs that melt my Momma heart.

I also like it when he washes his cute little face.

And here's some very happy Claude:

I bought them all an early Christmas gift - GRASS!

Stephen sees a mystery through the window . . . what could it be?!

I finally posted the most recent week of style video I put together, and here it is!

Here are some outfits I wore this last week.
I haven't been feeling great again, so I haven't filmed more style videos.  
The weather has been finally been chilly, so I definitely want to! - this is my favorite time of year, after all!!!
sweater (notice in the upper left that the white dot is a CAT FACE!): Maison Jules (Macy's)
skirt: Dani's Choice (Amazon)
bag (also a cat!): ABage (Amazon)
shoes: (Target)

blouse: Target (WhoWhatWear line)
skirt: Dani's Choice (Amazon)

Terrible lighting in the mirror at church:
top: Target
skirt: Rekucci (Amazon)
tights: Target
shoes: Target

The tree is getting more presents underneath every day!

Here's a little bonus present for you today -
something beautiful that drifted right over our house the other day!

I hope you are enjoying this festive season!

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