Friday, January 19, 2018

10 Flu Essentials

Urgh.  A virus got me!
I'm recovering, but it's always annoying to be under the weather - and I'm in that state more than I'd like even without nasty opportunistic virii!

What do I do to feel better quicker?


Here's what I made tonight.
I don't have much energy left, but I'm glad I have good food to eat!
I used this recipe as a base, but I made all sorts of changes to it . . . 
because that's how I am!.

I didn't use split peas (I don't like them), so I doubled the amount of lentils.
I don't particularly like soup, so I decreased the amount of veggie broth and added lentil rotini noodles to make this into a casserole instead.
It was quick, easy, and really really tasty.  The turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, so I'm sure it's busy doing its job in my body!

The other day I made pineapple juice-sauteed veggies with millet,
and I was glad I had made a bunch of stuff so I had leftovers when I was at my sickest.

I also made chocolate-chip buckwheat pancakes, and there were leftovers of these, too!

AND peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

AND Ethiopian berbere lentils!
These ended up being too spicy for me, but I'm pretty sure 
Greg will like them (perhaps over mashed potatoes!)


Honestly, my brain hasn't been fit for reading, but I did a couple of super easy Sudoku puzzles
and browsed this VegNews magazine.  Can't manage anything too taxing while my brain is busy healing.  I also have Joel Fuhrman's "Super Immunity" in my stack.  I've read it before, but this is a great time for a re-read!


Most of my time has been on the couch because I don't like being in bed all day long and I like the view from my couch better, but when I do climb into bed, 
I'm really happy that my sheets and blankets are coordinated and homey. 
two contrasting sheet sets - Tommy Hilfiger (Ross)
flannel blanket - TJ Maxx
quilt: handmade, gift from Greg's Mom

Do you see that the quilt is cat heads?

4.  CATS

I probably should have mentioned them first!
Allistair and Stephen have been recovering from their own illness
(thankfully it seems to be settling down now!), and they've been eager to cuddle.
Whenever I'm feeling a bit down and discouraged, someone crawls into my lap.
This morning, Claude was the one to come to my emotional rescue.
They truly are gifts!



I haven't felt well enough to get out and walk, but
I certainly have felt well enough to look from the couch out the window 
at our cactus garden and trees.

Last week we had some rain, and our yard is responding.

This is Melvin, our most prolific cactus.
He's only about 6" tall, but every time it rains, he blooms up a storm!


This is a dead piece from another very interesting cactus.

One of our Chinese Elm trees.


I've been watching a lot of

Image result for Columbo

Diagnosis Murder// Complete Collection/8 Seasons 178 Episodes

and Star Trek (mostly "Enterprise" at the moment, 
but I can feel a "Deep Space 9" marathon coming up!)
Star Trek:  Enterprise:  The Complete Series

Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine:  The Complete Series

7. Lip balm 

Hurraw! Lip Balms: Black Cherry Tinted (2 Pack)

8.  Tissues with lotion!

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues - 124 ct - 3 pk

9.  Sparkling Water

When normal water doesn't taste good (because nothing tastes right!),
sparkling water is hitting the spot for me.
La Croix Sparkling Water, Pure, 12 oz Can, 12 Count


When I don't feel well, I often don't believe I'm going to feel well again.
I don't feel like a real human being, and I somehow feel as if I have lost my personality.
It helps to look at photos and remember who I am!

Here are some of my recent happy memories.

Last Wednesday, Greg and I had dinner at Barro's Pizza with my parents.

On Tuesday before I got sick, Cindy and I took a walk through the Gilbert Riparian Preserve.
We saw all sorts of crazy birds and a bunch of rabbits.

On Wednesday before I got sick, my Mom and I had a shopping day.
This one was Macy's.  We found GOOD stuff and had a lovely time.
Every family adventure is precious to me, especially since our families are not around most of the time.

Here I am for the required fitting room photo!
blouse: Karl Lagerfeld (TJMaxx)
jeans: INC International Concepts (Macy's)
bag: ABage (Amazon)
shoes: Target

We went out for a late lunch afterwards - to Panera!
Those are my Mom's pretty hands.
I usually have an adapted fuji apple salad (no chicken, no cheese, throw on as many veggies as possible!)

And Wednesday evening, Greg and I had dinner with my parents!
We went to Chipotle.  The pico de gallo was a little too spicy for me this time, 
but it was delicious and delightful.

My Mom and I were already feverish with sore throats, but we had a lovely time all together.
We went for frozen yogurt afterwards - 
I was happy to see they had vegan gluten-free sorbet on offer, too!

Here's my cozy warm outfit with jacket and scarf.
faux-leather jacket: Levi's (Amazon)
scarf (it has GOLD threads running through it!): Target

Stay healthy, and I hope you have your own coping strategies if you DO catch something!

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