Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Easter Party

We were blessed to have my parents (Tom & Dory),
good friends of theirs (Den & Bonnie), and my dear friend Cindy
and her man, Bill, over for an Easter celebration!

Since Sundays are VERY full for me and since Easter is always on a Sunday,
I chose a menu that could be mostly made in advance.

I started with the DOUGHNUTS!
Because they're the most fun and they're the prettiest.
Tasty desserts are even better if they're pretty, too.

First I made maple glazed doughnuts.

Then I made carrot ginger doughnuts (yes,
I topped them with crystallized ginger and coconut shreds!)

Then I made peanut butter doughnuts with chocolate glaze.

These were buckeye doughnuts - in the style of buckeye desert balls,
which are peanut butter on the inside, chocolate on the outside.

They were all beautiful! 

In the leftover melted chocolate,
I put coconut shreds, crystallized ginger, and walnuts.
I dropped it in blobs onto waxed paper and froze it.

It made freezer cookies!

I created little gift bags (8 for $1 from the Dollar Store!)

I filled them with these delicious candy bars
and a tag that read, "You're sweet!  Happy Easter!"
I like to give gifts.
Gift-giving is probably my top love language.

I also had special additional gifts for my Dad, my Mom, and Cindy.
I just can't resist buying special things for the people I love most.
Even if it doesn't mean much to them, it means a lot to me
to be able to spoil them a little.

 I saw a pretty table on Pinterest
that was decorated with lace and succulents,
I moved most of the doilies I have in my house
(from my sweet Grandma) onto the kitchen table and overlapped them.

Thankfully, my Grandma liked blue, too!

Then I started putting out the yummies.

I like to label things for my guests.

I assembled the shepherd's pie on Saturday so that all I had to do Sunday was
bake it for about an hour.  It turned out really well.

I decided to also make a wild-rice noodle casserole on Sunday because
it sounded good to me and because I wanted to make sure to have enough food
(we invited two guests sort of at the last minute).
This recipe got lots of Christie "doctoring" to make it what I wanted it to be,
and I think I did well.  I will be making it again!

My parents thoughtfully brought us some beautiful yellow tulips
and Bonnie & Den brought a lovely candle - I got spoiled, too!

After eating, we chatted for a nice while.
Bonnie & my Mom browsed through some photo books I had
made of some special trips our family has taken.

I was happy that we have such a nice patio and comfy furniture out there,
because we spend a good amount of time in the nice fresh air.

Eventually, I had to pull out my parents' wedding photos.
They're adorable.

You also might notice the tin-foil packets - some doughnuts went home with our guests!

My parents also brought us a lovely Easter gift of this adorable driftwood hedgehog!
I LOVE hedgehogs 
(disclaimer: I do not love hedgehogs as much as I love cats 
and I do not want to live with a hedgehog, but they sure are funny and cute!)

We've named her Hyacinth.

I hope your Resurrection Sunday was beautiful and blessed!

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