Thursday, May 10, 2018

Stationary Bike

Our cactus with the beautiful white flower keeps blooming and blooming!
I think he's happy in our yard.

He's not the only thing that's blooming;
our allergies are terrible!

I have been working really hard on Chirp stuff (I have new subscribers AND
I'm working towards getting our visuals organized so we can distribute the curriculum digitially AND I'm reorganizing and updating some of the lessons) and have enjoyed having quite a bit of energy.

Until yesterday.  Poo.

But there's still joy in life!

One thing that has been making me happy is this new bike!!!

I was looking for a way I could be gently active and do a little sweating indoors,
since we have a lot of very hot weather here in the Arizona desert.
It reached 107 on Saturday.

This was a great choice!
It folds up so I can stow it away in our master bedroom closet.
Our house is perfect, but on the minimal side, and everything purposefully placed,
meaning that I didn't want to leave out a bulky piece of exercise equipment all the time.
And I don't have to!

I can ride it while reading, while chatting to my Mom on the phone,
or while watching tv/movies.

Allistair likes to sit on the desk part while I'm riding, so computer stuff 
hasn't really been possible.

I don't mind, though; having a fuzzy kitty right there within arms' reach is much better!

I have been pedaling away for one hour each day for the past week and a half (none on Sunday),
and I'm hoping that's not the reason for this energy crash.  With my health issues, too much activity typically leads to problems.  I had reached what I thought was a great equilibrium and had stayed there for a couple of months (minus one little bobble), so I thought adding a little exercise would be a good thing.  I'm a little concerned that it was too much.  I'm always nervous when I add something extra (like a meeting) to any particular week, but I thought that just sitting and peddling wouldn't be a big deal.  Perhaps my sensitive body thinks otherwise.  
I guess I'll ease off for a couple of weeks and see how things go.  

I have some work things I have to get done today, even though I would rather rest,
but hopefully I'll have some time to recuperate a bit after that.

I found some great skirts to be part of my regular outfit rotation this summer
(and into the winter, I'm sure!)

I have four colors: wine, gray, camel, and olive.
I would have black, too, but they're sold out in my size at the moment.

They are a lovely faux-suede fabric that flows nicely and is
very light and comfortable and stretchy.

Here's some cuteness for you:

 Can you count four babies on the couch?

Here I was trying to take a little nap, but Stephen was too excited to
get snuggles.  It was pretty sweet.

 My favorite new meal is blueberry pancakes and potato hash.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out!  I'm going to make it again tonight, I think!

 Enjoy the view from my parents' condo 
(which I check in on while they're away) . . . 

Have a wonderful day!

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