Monday, March 18, 2013

Leafing Trees!

The Chinese Elm trees are leafing out!  It's amazing how quickly they get fully leafed.  This is just two days after the first little baby leaves appeared!

Soon our whole backyard will be shaded by these beautiful trees and we will feel as if we live in the middle of a lovely forest.  They cast the prettiest shadows through the windows during the afternoons!
Close-up of baby Chinese Elm tree leaves

The backyard with cacti and cat (look in the chair - Juvy blends in with the shadows!  Though she likes letting her leg & tail hang off.)

She likes to sit on the table and look pretty next to the succulent pot


Allistair and Stephen have taken to dragging their fishy stick toy with them when they're going to take a nap! They bring it up on the bed (this was on laundry day, so there were clothes drying all over the bed, which they love to sleep on!) and sleep near it.  

Or ON it!

Silly babies! 

Here is some more jumping fun . . . I tried to find a way to get them to entertain themselves with the fishy stick by hooking it on the towel rod.

Health Update:  
The specialist doctor's office called me today to let me know that he had an unexpected opening THIS WEDNESDAY!  So I will be seeing him almost a full month before I expected to.  

The only problem is related to medical records again. You would think we had this all sorted out, but we ran into a snag: our home server crashed over the weekend, and we can't access any of the data on it.  That server was our back-up; it copied everything from our personal computers every night and stored it.  Normally, that would mean that we didn't lose anything, but in this case, we saved the scans of all my medical documents to that server rather than to either of our personal computers.  Boo hiss!

We found a brilliant solution, though: Dr. C (whom I saw last month) has copies of the documents I need because I took them with me when I saw her, and I can go get copies of them from her!  So that's my day tomorrow.

Ah-choo!  (x 3 in a row!!!) - oh yes, I also am in the midst of a fierce cold.  Sneezing and red Rudolph nose and watering eyes and everything.  Strangely, I am in quite a good mood and I feel very happy.  This happens to me often when I have a cold.  Does that happen to any of you?  Maybe my brain really likes fighting something off?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Sooooooooooo glad that you got an earlier appointment. Will be praying for wisdom and understanding for the doctor. Pray for your complete healing, too. Keep us posted. Love you !!