Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Parrots In The Park!

Bjarne sleeping in the warm morning sunshine

Today I will give you some sweet kitty pictures first!

Bjarne & Stephen watching birdies

One of Allistair's favorite stretches is one where he crosses his front paws over his sweet little face and squeezes -
it makes me want to kiss his cute little face

Allistair sniffing the air coming in through the open window

Bjarne lets Stephen snuggle him, but not Allistair

Juvy sleeping in her box outside - if you look closely, you can see her pretty pink tongue sticking out!
Now we know where Stephen gets that sticking-out-tongue thing!

Bjarne watching birdies while hanging off the cat stand like a monkey!

Our Elm trees in the back yard

Here is a little video for those of you stuck in the snow!  Spring is coming!

A nest in one of the Elm trees!

Our front Mesquite tree is blossoming!  It's fragrant and pretty, but it also makes us sneeze.

But I love the Mesquite tree because cute little Verdin always build their nests in it!
A Verdin with nest-building materials in his mouth

I have some other videos I'd like to post today, but I keep trying and Blogger isn't uploading any of them properly, so I'm going to give up for today and try tomorrow.  Check back!

And now on to the reason for the title of this post . . . 
Yesterday while I was out walking, I saw three PARROTS in the park near my house!  I am not the most experienced of bird identifiers, but I know they were Parrots of some kind.  If I am correct, they looked like this:

And if they did look like that, they are Rosy-faced Lovebirds Agapornis roseicollis, which are indigenous to Africa, but which are popular pets, so they could have escaped.  They didn't seem quite as wild as the other birds in the vicinity; they were the last ones to fly away when I approached.  I will try to get photos next time I take that route!

UPDATE: Cindy told me that Lovebirds live wild in Arizona and California now, and that they are becoming more common.  When I described what I saw, she said I was RIGHT and they WERE Lovebirds!  Yay for me!

Enjoy this Wednesday!

P.S.  I just got over a cold, and these tissues were instrumental!
They have Vicks magically built in, which somehow loosened up more snot.
Highly recommended!

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  1. Thanks for helping us think Spring. It is starting to melt pretty fast now but we have a LOT of snow to get rid of. Have a HAPPY EASTER - HE IS RISEN !!!.