Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blooming Desert

Things in the desert are blooming!  This is (I think) an orange penstemon flower.  I hiked last Saturday, and there were all sorts of blooming plants all around.  It was a beautiful day; there was nice cloud cover so it wasn't very hot, and it made for a neat view of the sun (which normally I don't look at or photograph!)

in the parking lot at 6:45 AM

Ocotillo buds - not open yet
I will have to hike again this week to see what's going on with the buds!

Me in the rippled bathroom mirror at the park

Unknown blooming cactus

I think a pink penstamon flower

yellow hills!

A carrot that looks like Beaker!!!
Click here for many Beakers!

Allistair dug his way under the blankie and slept while I was working

Close-Up of his cute little snout

More cute little snoutsky

Bjarne got up on the clean towels and hung off the side like a monkey

Juvy, looking elegant on the table outside.  Look at how leafy the trees are!

Juvy's beautiful face up close

A backyard saga:
Stephen has taken to reaching up to our shoulders when he wants snuggles.
He climbs up and rubs on our faces!  It's adorable.  He's BIG and TALL now (and insistent!), so it's impossible
to carry on doing what we were doing before his intercession in our affairs, so we have to
drop everything and pay him some attention.  Look at Greg's loving face!

This makes me laugh every time I see it.
Look at his earnest little face!

Allistair gets on the chair and roots around behind the pillow, knocks it over,
then sleeps wedged in behind it.  Silly kitten!

Allistair & Stephen napping with Daddy - so cute!
Up until now, they have been too wild to nap with us, but
there has to be SOME compensation for them growing up!
Look at the soft widdle tummies!

Baltazar is still cute and meowy even though he's almost 17 years old!
He does sleep a lot, though.

Here is what I have been doing in order to NOT play with the stick toy 24 hours per day:

Some desert birdsong:

Have a great weekend!

p.s.  If you're a romantic, take a peek at this.  I found it very touching.

Here's the story - this woman (an artist) and this man were in love in the 70s, but their relationship didn't last.  She put on a piece of performance art at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC where people would sit across from her and look at her.  I'm don't really understand this sort of art, but the following video is what happened when he came and sat across from her, and I DO understand that.

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