Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Sunday was Allistair's and Stephen's birthday!

Happy birthday to you, dear silly kittens!
Here are some photos from when they first joined our family:

Tiny little Stephen

Little baby Allistiar (he's a completely different color now!)

Baby blue eyes

Perky and curious!

Bitty Stephen with food on his cute earnest little face

Snuggles - they loved to snuggle then, they love to snuggle now!

BIG ears!

Sleeping on Mommy is the best place to sleep

They are ONE YEAR OLD!

I neglected to post about this on Sunday because it was a big day at our church:  
We moved into our first facility!

The 1:1 Classroom (special needs) is #27!

The building is beautiful and modern and suits our purposes well.  We pray that it enables us to be an even more positive influence in our community.

Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. LOVE the kitty pics. Will show Caylie tonight when she gets here. So excited about the new facilities. The better to serve with. Did you hear that Derrick & Rachel are planting a church in St. Petersburg, Fl? The plan is for them to move there this Fall. They are soooooo excited and so are we. Love you,