Saturday, April 13, 2013

Whinnies and Liquid Nitrogen!

Yep!  We rode horses!
At the OK Corral!
Juildeen's 12th birthday is on Monday, so of course, we had to celebrate a little.

Last time when we tried to ride, we ended up just feeding the horses, because we found out that Juildeen's Grandma needed to be there to sign the legal guardian forms, so this time, we carted her along.  Thankfully, it was a lovely day (84 when we finished riding, almost 90 now) and she was able to sit in the breezy shade and enjoy the beautiful view while we were on our ride.

We could see Four Peaks (count 'em - they're the gray ones in the far distance!)

We spent an hour on our horses.
We walked around in the Superstition Wilderness.
I expect our sit bones will be tender tomorrow!

 First, the helmet:

Then, they gave us a bag made out of old jeans, 
and we put our possessions (water bottle, camera) in there. 
It hooked over the pommel on the saddle.

Then Juildeen got to get up on Bess, her horse for the hour!
She had never been on a horse before, and she did GREAT!

My horse's name was Pecos.

Then we rode through the beautiful desert.

We got fairly close to the Superstition Mountains 
(where I climbed to the Flat Iron rock waaaay up on top last January!)

Then we had ice cream.  But not just ANY ice cream!

Sub Zero puts the ingredients in a steel bowl and uses liquid Nitrogen to freeze it into ice cream (in my case, frozen yogurt) right in front of our eyes!

The store is decorated all sciency, and the liquid Nitrogen is in a BIG canister.

Einstein approves!

Here is my frozen yogurt getting made! 
(warning: noisy background - a baseball team was getting their just desserts!)

Here's my frozen yogurt all finished!
This is the kid size

And for the mathematicians amongst you, can you read this sign?
This is what we saw on the way out.

I had to ask Greg.  

Answer: "i eight sum pi" - ha!

Hope your Saturday is as full of memories as mine!

(P.S.  I'm totally exhausted and ready for a long evening of reading on the couch.)

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  1. What an absolutely fun day for Juildeen's bday. You made it soooooooooooo special for her. You are a blessing to her. Glad your weather is better than ours. I'm sure you know that we still have snow on the ground and suppose to get more on Thursday & Friday......