Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toys and Kittens

The kittens are still in love with their stick toy.  They drag it all around with them.  In fact, we have two stick toys now.  They don't love the new one as much, which is surprising, because the catnip in it would presumably be fresher.

Stephen dragged the toy up on top of the neatly folded pile of towels at the end of the bed without tipping anything over!

But his previous attempt was less successful.

Claude looking less grumpy than usual

Getting roastier here . . . yesterday was even warmer - 102!

Stephen looking crazy.  Why?

Because he's busy attacking Mommy's sweatshirt, of course!
It must be subdued!

Allistair needs to be close to us ("close" = touching, when possible) most of the time.
You can see that in this photo, his feet are touching my shoulder. 

Here, Allistair is being "close" to Daddy AND his favorite toy at the same time!  Bliss!

Here he is being "close" while I am working.
I guess touching the computer is almost as good as touching me.

Here are some funny videos of the babies playing with their favorite toy.


Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I have been experimenting with different ways to post videos.  Exhibit A is the way I have always done it (just uploaded them into Blogger).

Exhibit B contains videos that I posted to YouTube and then added to Blogger.  I assume that those of you without Flash can't see the Exhibit A videos, but you CAN see the Exhibit B videos.  Is that right?

I don't really like using YouTube because at the end of the video it puts pieces of other videos that are related, and I can't control the content of those, so readers might see something that's not really appropriate.  But it may be the only way I can get the videos to work for people who don't have flash.  How much does that bother those of you who are watching the videos?

I think what I will do in the future is post the videos as in Exhibit A, but add a link to YouTube versions for those of you who can't see the videos, but want to.  Then you can choose whether you see additional ads and content or not.

Health update: I am in a low-energy phase right now and feeling achy, so it's a slow reading day today (and evening coffee with a couple of friends).  It's hard to STOP doing stuff when I know I need to, but I get really super weird and crazy if I don't (and things hurt more), so I know it's for the best.  I am proud of myself for cancelling some stuff today.

Hope your week has been a good one!

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  1. I can see the videos either way but I think doing Exhibit A and doing a link is a good idea. You get all those extra videos anytime you go on youtube so for me it's no big deal....Glad you are learning to be nice to yourself, I'm still not to good at that....