Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I did it!

What did I do, you ask?

Did I get assaulted by a giant squid?
Was a mauled by a vacuum cleaner? 
Did I have a bad experience with a suction cup?

These marks are from the heart-rate monitor adhesive!  I share my mother's sensitive skin.

I did it! - I had a colonoscopy!  
A few areas were biopsied, and we won't know about those for a few days.  
Doctor said they looked like colitis of some kind (that's just like a rash on the inside of the colon), but he doesn't know why.  The analysis might tell us.

I have been resting all day after we got home, watching movies and reading.  I am HAPPY not to have to drink any more of the gross preparation solution.  I used the easiest version (Gatorate + Miralax) and it still made me throw up some of it.  The doctor called in a prescription anti-nausea medication so I could continue.  I'm thankful for that; it made the second half MUCH easier.

The cats have enjoyed a day of snuggles!


Allistair's cute little nosey!

And when I looked on my camera, there were some funny videos I haven't posted yet.  I am posting the videos directly to the blog, and underneath is the YouTube link for those of you who don't have flash on your devices.  

Masses of cuteness

A beautiful breezy day (listen closely and you can hear the fountain gurgling and the birds singing!)

Allistair loving on the blankie

Claude is venturing out of the master bedroom more often now and isn't quite as grumpy about the kittens living here.  Good girl, Claudie!

Stephen found a silly game to play with an upside-down bowl!

I look forward to SLEEPING tonight instead of spending the whole night engaged in not-so-pleasant bathroom activities.  Thanks for the prayers and encouragement! 

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