Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Protein + Soda Boxes

The weather is beautiful here in Arizona, and I have had a great deal of energy this week!  
It may not last forever, but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it while it does last.  

First, some adorable videos of our funny little critters.

Stephan loves hanging out in the canvas shopping bag!

Stephen is a lovey-dovey.  Especially with his Daddy!

Kittens exploring a pineapple

Soda Box Fun #1:

Soda Box Fun #2:

And then a health update:

One of the hopeful things I have discovered is that a liquid diet has a similiar rate of success at inducing remission in people with Crohn's as does Prednisone.

Let me break that down.

Prednisone is a bad drug.  I mean, I know it probably saves people's lives sometimes, and for that reasons, it's not evil, but it has nasty side effects.  I am not sure there is much that would convince me to take it.  
A liquid diet means just that: drinking liquid nutrients rather than eating them in solid form. 
Since the act of digesting is what causes damage, drinking instead of eating allows the intestines to rest and heal.  

I also talked to my Auntie Cindy, who has had some severe digestive problems of unknown cause.  She manages them extremely well with diet and nutritional supplements.  She gave me the names of some things that have helped her, and I am adding those to my rotation.  Something called Metagenix InflammX has helped her inflammation decrease significantly.  She also creates a nutrient-heavy breakfast drink.

Since my system has been uncomfortable and unhappy, I haven't wanted to eat a lot of solid food.  I decided for a few days I will see if makes a difference to drink instead.  I went to Sprout's and got protein powder (plant-based rather than milk-based, because it's less likely to cause problems), a greens powder (vitamins, minerals, and the good stuff from vegetables and fruits that cause me problems), and some almond milk.

 I mix them up in the blender (one scoop chocolate protein powder, one scoop greens, one cup almond milk and one cup water) and that's it!  It's tasty and fairly filling, and it doesn't make my stomach hurt.  
It's really nice that my stomach doesn't hurt after a meal!

The last two days I have been using this shake as breakfast and part of lunch.  At lunch I have been adding some crackers.  At dinner, I've been experimenting to see what sits well.  Ground beef, surprisingly, has been a friend.  Pizza, also surprisingly, has been a friend.  Vegetables have been a foe.

I am enjoying visualizing my intestines smiling at me and getting healthier each day.  

I was able to find a lab that takes blood for the test my Gastroenterologist ordered and I got an appointment for this afternoon.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Soooooooooo glad to hear that the liquid diet is making your intestines happy. Getting good nutrients will help with you feeling more energetic cause if your body isn't getting what it needs it's less likely to feel good. That was kind of a long sentence.....I like the polka dot glass:) You found a lab which is great too, let me know what they found. Proud of you and the way you are handling this....Love, Me