Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gerbera and Rose

My lovely generous parents sent me a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers after my procedure yesterday!
Look at that yellow rose!

And then there are the Gerbera daisies - 

They are some of my favorites because they're sturdy, cheerful, and colorful 
(some of the things I want to be - ha!)!
Thanks, Dad & Mom - you are thoughtful and sweet and encouraging.  xo

And now you are lucky enough to get to watch the Saga of the Soda Box!  Starring Allistair & Stephen:

Scene I

Scene II


Scene III

Ha!  They are very entertaining!

I'm feeling pretty normal today, except I am still really tired.  
I am thankful to have slept about 11 hours last night; it was lovely!

I will be calling my regular doctor to get some blood work done to find out if there's something that we can work on (vitamins, minerals, iron, thyroid).  
I really don't want today to be a rest/slow day, but it may be one anyway.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. Wow!!!! That is a gorgeous bunch of flowers. I showed Marge last night, but didn't have time to post anything!!!! Glad you are enjoying them. You look cute, too.

  2. Those are FABULOUS flowers. If you have time and want to forward those pictures to me as I will add them to my collection of pictures. Glad it's over and you slept well. We keep praying for total health.