Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just Kittens

This post is going to be completely cute - NO COLONS!

Stephen likes to hang out in the canvas bag!

Lookit!  His hair got all messed up because
he was squiggling around inside the bag!

The kittens like boxes, so when we got a new box of wet food, I left the empty box on the floor so they could play in it.  Later in the day, I looked for Allistair and found him napping contentedly upside-down in the box. 

He also likes sleeping in soda boxes!

Or using Baltazar as a pillow!

Just for a treat, I thought I would show you this beautiful pine tree in our yard.
The sap is dripping out, and it's extra viscous, so it isn't moving much.
I think it's cool!

See?  Just as I promised, a colon-free post!

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