Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Miss You, Grandma

Today marks the 7th year since we lost my Grandma.
We have been without my Grandpa significantly longer - since 1982, I believe.
I didn't know him as well, since I was pretty young when he passed away; 
I regret not having more time with him.

I live across the country from my Mom, the holder of all the photos, but I have managed to dig up a few pictures of my Grandma that make me happy.

When I was 8 days old - look how cute she is in her little kerchief!
It touches my heart that she and my Grandpa are holding hands.
This picture is labeled in her handwriting and came from her photo album

Grandpa, too.  Look at all the love in their faces.

My beautiful Mom, handsome Dad, and good-lookin' Grandma & Grandpa

My Grandma used to wear clogs a lot - very stylish!
In fact, I got my first pair of clogs because I liked wearing my Grandma's pair around so much!
Here I am, at 2, stealing her shoes!
(This picture was taken at Square Lake in 1976, over the Memorial Day weekend when the U.S.
celebrated the bi-centennial - two hundred years of being a country!)

My Mom told me today that my brother, Mark, was doing "backward kisses" (raspberries!) on his baby daughter's tummy over the weekend.  He got that from our Grandma.

She laughed a LOT.
She prayed a LOT.
She adapted and learned new things like no one I've ever known - when she was 50+, she moved to Paraguay for a year (two years?) to teach some American kids living there.  
She then lived in Arizona (far away from most of her family) to teach at a school for Native Americans.  
She was curious, whip-smart, generous, and kind.  
She made everything prettier (check out her gorgeous table setting and the picture farther down of her palm tree, surrounded by painted red tulips!)
She learned how to do e-mail when she was in her late 70s!

When I found out I needed to follow a gluten-free diet, she didn't hesitate about continuing to have us over for meals - and everything was always delicious (and beautiful, as you can see!)

She painted these tulips bright red every fall.
I have them now, but they are in desperate need of a new coat of red paint.

from around 2002
(and she's wearing my favorite color
- it matched her eyes!)

Grandma,I love you and 
I miss you.

And I know I'm not the only one.


  1. THANKS CHRISTIE !!!! It made me cry but such neat memories. She was the BEST !!!

  2. You did a beautiful job of remembering the little things that make her Grandma and sooooo loved. Thanks for all your work and the misty-eyed walk down memory lane.

  3. So good, so true and so sweet. I miss grandma a lot and reading this made me realize exactly how much. Thanks for writing this and sharing the very stylish pictures. See you this summer in MN?