Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Is Here!

But it's okay that it's hot; we have an air conditioner and we stay inside as much as possible at this time of year!

I did have to run some errands this morning and early afternoon, and I have to admit that I got a little sweaty (um - I glistened).

We are still having a fun time Chez Priem.

Allistair LOVES vacuum cleaners!
He "helped" Daddy vacuum yesterday even though
this particular vacuum is especially tough and loud

Allistiar's ears are SUPER CUTE and folded down
when he is watching birdies

sleepy Baltazar

sleepy Bjarne

Pretty flowering plant I saw on the drive to church yesterday - cheerful and pretty!
I haven't figured out what it is called yet - does anyone know?
May be a prairie sunflower

Stephen protects us all from suspicious items!

He's a cute and friendly little guy!

In the afternoons, I'm bringing Juvy into the house so she can be cool.
She has behaved like the perfect houseguest:
sleeping, purring, and being extra cute.

I'll prove it!

I am waiting impatiently for Dr. R (my gastroenterologist) to call with the results from the blood test.  
I have lots of questions for him.
I had a tasty, leafy salad and a huge bowl of fresh strawberries yesterday 
- and I am not that comfortable in the abdominal area.
It's crazy to me that healthy things could be what has been causing my trouble!

Hope your home is cool and comfy today!

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