Sunday, June 16, 2013

Alpacas & Hummingbird

On my way to church this morning, I saw that the alpacas (baby llamas?  I can't tell the difference!) have been shaved for the summer!  THEY ARE AMAZINGLY CUTE!  I have always loved llamas (alpacas?) and I am happy to be able to watch these every week as I drive by.  Today I stopped to get some pictures and a little video for you!

Greg caught a picture and some video of one of the hummingbirds that nest in our backyard.
They like hanging out near the fountain and drink from it and bathe in it multiple times per day.

God did a great job with hummingbirds! 
And everything else!

It has been hottish (105-108) this week, but the cats have been happy.  
That is thanks to our new AIR CONDITIONER!!!
We got a 15 SEER Trane unit instead of our 17-year-old unit, and now there aren't hot spots throughout the house and I feel cool most of the time rather than feeling hot most of the time.  The a/c doesn't run continuously, either!  Hooray!

happy Baltazar

Cute little Bjarne

Juvy has been able to stay inside as long as she stays in one place and doesn't cause trouble.
That makes her happy.

Juvy again
Doesn't she look like a cuddly little bear with her cute pudgy tummy?

Allistair - silly kitten!

On the way to church I drive by lots of corn fields.
In Minnesota, they hope for corn that is "knee-high by the 4th of July".
Well . . . . lookee here!  

The corn here is as high as an elephant's eye, and soon it will be harvested and the fields will be planted for a second time (to be harvested in October, I think).  Crazy!  Corn is one of the "5 Cs" of Arizona.

As the weather heats up here and the foliage gets dry and brown, the dust starts kicking up.
The mountains get hazy and the quality of the light changes.  Everything seems a bit hazy and sleepy.
It's a cue to stay inside and take a nap rather than doing anything outdoorsy in the afternoons.

Hazy mountains to the south - the San Tan Mountains
(just over that mountain is San Tan Regional Mountain park)

Hazy mountains to the west
Past those mountains is California 

I have been feeding the birds often because the cats enjoy it!

The cats have also been enjoying (=destroying) the shipping box the juicer arrived in.
We have enjoyed the process because it's funny and because it occupies them so they aren't intent on destroying anything else!

 Enjoy the upcoming week!

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