Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bland But Surprisingly Filling

Because I would like to eat foods that are sort of healthy and tasty, as well as being low-residue, I have been struggling a bit.  I keep studying the lists I printed out to figure out ways to combine those foods that sound good, will look good, and are fairly good for me.

Lately has included a lot of things like these:

talapia (fish) with white rice and feta -
and in the upper left-hand corner, you can see Jell-O with some Cool Whip!

I really should have feta without the tomato and herb pieces in it (I am just using up this feta because it's too yummy to throw away and Greg won't eat it).
I found some healthier gel-like dessert (no actual gelatin, so I won't be eating dead horses) at Sprout's,
and I will be looking for a healthier version of whipped topping
or just making real whipped cream and not using much of it.

You won't see any vegetables on most of my plates because I am juicing the vegetables in order to get all the nutrients.  Most vegetables I am not supposed to eat at all, and I'm not supposed to eat any of them raw (at least for now).  Canned ones are probably the best bet because they are very soft.

Apparently cocoa power has tons of fiber, so I am eating white chocolate chips
as meal-ending snacks.  These are delightful!
Cocoa butter must not have much fiber, because these chips have
cocoa butter and 0% fiber.

I am also eating ground turkey burgers, ground chicken, and ground beef.  
The "ground" part seems to make meat sit better.

I also need to add that I find these foods very filling and soothing.  For the last few months especially, I have been feeling hungry most of the time.  Not growling stomach hungry, but just craving stuff and not really knowing what it was.  I track the calories of what I eat, so I wasn't eating more than I need, but I didn't really ever feel satisfied.  But when I have been eating a meal that is truly low-residue, I have been feeling satisfied, like I am getting what I need from the food.  That is exciting!

Based on additional thought, I have decided added two additional bullet points
 to my multi-point Crohn's strategy! 

7.  I will attempt to walk at least 30 minutes 3x per week 
(not necessarily outdoors power walking or anything).  

My goal is to be active somehow at least 30 minutes per DAY, and for that
 I will count running errands, doing laundry - anything that means I'm not sitting on my bum.

The 3x per week I would like to be outside and purposeful.

Sometimes when I am really tired, even walking seems like too much work, but it's the #1 recommended treatment for fatigue!  

I am going to make a bigger effort, especially when I AM tired, to treat walking like medicine.

8.  I will drink at least 1 fresh raw organic juice per day, consisting of mostly vegetables.

I don't think I need to explain this one!

As far as eating goes, I was brainstorming meals today for our annual trip to Minnesota, and it helped me feel more hopeful because there really are many options, but I didn't get very far because I fell asleep!

Very much like this fellow . . . 


And this beautiful girl . . . 

I have been saving up some extra-cute videos!

The kittens have been enjoying the shipping box that contained the juicer!

Fierce kitten!

Allistair needs to be CLOSE!

Stephen has found an innovative way to scratch on the scratching post!

Allistair doesn't really care where he sleeps when he has a fit of the sleepies . . . 

And he's a good, gentle brother most of the time.

Every so often (okay, every day!), the kittens do something unexpected!

Happy weekend!


  1. Haven't been keeping up and commenting on your blog as we are excitedly getting ready for Derrick & Rachel to come and live with us while they do their fun raising for the church plant. Had a long to do list. They come tomorrow night so life is going to be less quiet in our house. I am interested in all the info you are finding & trying and seeing how it pertains to me. Keep posting. Luv u

  2. I think walking is a great idea. I know that even tough I don't want to, I always feel better when I do. We keep praying and you keep having more ideas. Cute pics.