Friday, June 7, 2013

Carrot-Apple-Mango Juice!

Synopsis: Juicing is EASIER and TASTIER and MORE FUN even than I expected!

Here's what I juiced today (so far!):
3 large carrots, one mango, and two Granny Smith apples

the amazing machine, assembled

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Assembly

Part Three: Order of Processing

prepped fruit and vegetables
(as you will see in the video, I needed to cut the apples in quarters
instead of just in halves)

Ready . . . set . . . GO!!!

Continued . . . 

Pulp container

And here's me tasting it!

Wish I could share with you . . .
then again, I don't mind having it all to myself!


frothy sweet goodness!

*************  Moving On: Cats!  **************

Allistair enjoyed the juicer box!
Later, almost everyone else checked it out, too.
Claude has yet to explore the box.

Juvy hiding in a bag
She hung out inside in spurts today - it was almost 109 outside

Hope it's cooler where you are and that you are enjoying some of God's medicine (healthy foods!)
 today in some form, too!

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